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Sinclair Lewis - American Writers 27 was once first released in 1963. Minnesota Archive variants makes use of electronic know-how to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique college of Minnesota Press variants.

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For Sinclair Lewis, America was always promises, and that was why, in 1950, he could say that he loved America but did not like it, for it was still only promises, and promises that nearly everyone else had long ago given up. Sinclair Lewis had nothing else to turn to. There is a personal as well as a cultural basis for this situation. For what were these promises? They were promises, first of all, of a society that from his beginning would have not only tolerated but treasured him. That is the personal basis.

Lewis has written in The American Adam as follows: "Probably nobody of his generation had a richer sense of the potentiality for a fresh, free, and uncluttered existence; certainly no one projected the need for a ritual burning of the past in more varied and captivating metaphors. This is what Walden is about; it is the most searching contemporary account of the desire for a new kind of life . . " 40 Sinclair Lewis All of this, item by item, even to the last, not only appealed to Sinclair Lewis but in fact formed the positive element in his largely negative presentation of American life.

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