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By Dmitri Kharzeev, Karl Landsteiner, Andreas Schmitt, Ho-Ung Yee

The physics of strongly interacting topic in an exterior magnetic box is shortly rising as a subject matter of serious cross-disciplinary curiosity for particle, nuclear, astro- and condensed subject physicists.

It is understood that robust magnetic fields are created in heavy ion collisions, an perception that has made it attainable to review a number of brilliant and exciting phenomena that emerge from the interaction of quantum anomalies, the topology of non-Abelian gauge fields, and the magnetic box. particularly, the non-trivial topological configurations of the gluon box set off a non-dissipative electrical present within the presence of a magnetic box. those phenomena have ended in a longer formula of relativistic hydrodynamics, known as chiral magnetohydrodynamics.

Hitherto unforeseen purposes in condensed topic physics comprise graphene and topological insulators. different fields of software comprise astrophysics, the place powerful magnetic fields exist in magnetars and pulsars.

Last yet now not least, a major new theoretical device that might be revisited and which made a lot of the growth surveyed during this booklet attainable is the holographic precept - the correspondence among quantum box idea and gravity in additional dimensions.

Edited and authored by way of the pioneers and prime specialists during this newly rising box, this e-book deals a precious source for a vast group of physicists and graduate students.

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