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By James Ward, Churchill, Ruel V. Brown

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639-656. — 1999, Emergenz. Von der Unvorhersagbarkeit zur Selbstorganisation. Dresden: Dresden University Press. J. and Haila, I. ): 1996, Natural contradictions. — 1997, "Aggregativity: Reductive heuristics for finding emergence", Philosophy of Science 64, Supplementary volume (PSA 96, Part II), pp. 372-384. 3. Formal Metatheoretical Criteria of Complexity and Emergence C. Ulises Moulines Dept. of Philosophy, University of Munich, Germany One possible way to explicate complexity and emergence is to take a formalontological stance.

Against this view one might argue that a Laplacean demon could correctly predict even chaotic processes. Whether or not this 'actually' could be the case is not yet On Levels and Types of Complexity and Emergence 25 settled. It depends mainly on the question of what kind of information we allow such a creature of fantasy to have. We can at least preclude that foretellers of our mental capacities have these abilities; and thus, we can suppose that where chaos exists, structures exist that are unpredictable in principle.

This page is intentionally left blank 4. Beyond Reductionism and Holism. The Approach of Synergetics Bernulf Kanitscheider Dept. of Philosophy, University ofGiessen, Germany Since time immemorial, advocates of reductionism and defenders of holism have disputed over the question whether systemic qualities of complex structures can be understood on the basis of their elements and the interactions among them. Reductionists take holistic thinkers to be dark and nebulous; holists consider adherents of reductionism to close their minds to the emergent qualities of composite systems.

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