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By Bickerman, Amram Tropper

The booklet of this new version of Elias Bickerman's acclaimed reviews in Jewish and Christian heritage with his recognized booklet, The God of the Maccabees, brings Bickerman's crucial reports on old Judaism and early Christianity to a brand new new release of scholars and students.

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12–47. , n. 1 [original German]. 33 Бонгард-Левин (n. 15 above), p. 330 (letter to Rostovtzeff, January 14, 1927). 34 ARW 27 (1929), pp. 1–34 (= Religions and Politics [n. 1 above], pp. 35 In the previous year, his article about the first three Books of Maccabees had appeared in half-vol. 36 This subject too was to accompany him for the rest of his life. He himself observed that he37 was not (and is not) particularly interested in the Maccabees. But collecting the evidence about the Seleucids (see Institutions des Séleucides, 1938)38 he necessarily had to study the Books (.

1 above), p. 169; J. Frumkin, ed. Russian Jewry (1966), Index. In the curriculum vitae appended to his dissertation, Elias speaks of the “writer” Dr Joseph Bickerman. indd xxxix 5/11/2007 6:46:47 PM xl recollections of a great classical scholar worldview. ” His son too, who remained a “liberal conservative” throughout his life and always had the courage to express his opinions openly in the spoken or the printed word, was politically active in these circles. III. Years of wandering: from Paris to New York He left Germany on his own; his father and his recently married brother followed in 1936.

Bickerman was a supreme master of the small format and knew how to unite a profound interpretation of the sources with a stylistic beauty which was completely concentrated on the topic at hand. His publications stimulated me to begin my Habilitation dissertation in the fall of 1964, after ten years of opera aliena in the textile industry. Its final title was: Judentum und Hellenismus. Studien zu ihrer Begegnung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Palästinas bis zur Mitte des 2. 92 After my Habilitation in January, 1967, I sent him a letter of thanks.

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