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Peter Lombard (c. ), the Magister Sententiarum, established the definitive pattern of Christian systematics in his Book of the Sentences (or Authoritative Decisions, 1148-1151). The categorization in this work, free of redundancy, is into four topics, each assigned a book. The categories are God (the Trinity, book 1), creation (of the world and man, as well as his Fall, book 2), restoration (the uplifting of man by the grace of the Incarnation, book 3), and sacraments (the means of the uplift, book 4).

LOMBARD, Book 2 (44 distinctions) AQUINAS, Prima Secundae (114 questions), man’s actions in general AQUINAS, Secunda Secundae (189 questions), man’s actions in particular Christ. LOMBARD, Book 3 (40 distinctions) AQUINAS, Tertia Pars (59 questions). The Incarnation The sacraments. LOMBARD (50 distinctions) AQUINAS, Tertia Pars (31 questions, incomplete). The sacraments 48 Suárez: Between Scholasticism & Modernity In Lombard, each topic has a separate book devoted to it, except Book 1, where two distinct topics, God in Himself and as Creator, are discussed in a single work, a practice repeated by Aquinas.

The Suarezian super-system We arrive at the climax of Baroque Scholasticism—indeed of Scholasticism as a whole—the integration of two systems, a philosophy and a theology, into a single system, or super-system, with the former the basis of the latter. This again was the creation of Suárez, who was the first, and apparently the only, Scholastic thinker to systematize both his own philosophy and his theology. If the medieval systems remind us of the Gothic cathedrals, the Suarezian reminds us of the cathedrals of the Renaissance and Baroque, like St.

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