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Josephine Tey used to be the pen-name of Elizabeth waterproof coat (1896-1952). Born in Inverness, waterproof coat lived numerous ‘lives’: most sensible referred to as Golden Age Crime Fiction author ‘Josephine Tey’, she was once additionally winning novelist and playwright ‘Gordon Daviot’. At one aspect, she had performs on concurrently within the West lead to London and on Broadway, or even wrote for Hollywood - all from her domestic within the north of Scotland.

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The portrait Bowen paints of this arguable guy, Francis Bacon (1561-1626), balances the outward existence and activities of Bacon with the probably contradictory elements of his subtle philosophical reflections. As Lord Chancellor of britain, Bacon was once impeached by way of Parliament for taking bribes in workplace, convicted, and banished from London and the legislations courts.

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The 1st paperback variation of the vintage biography of the founding father of the Mormon church, this ebook makes an attempt to respond to the questions that proceed to enclose Joseph Smith. was once he a real prophet, or a proficient fabulist who grew to become enthralled via the goods of his mind's eye and ended up being martyred for them?

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Ed. New York: Vintage Books, 1968. In the two long chapters devoted to Apollinaire, “The Impresario of the Avant-garde” and “Painter-Poet,” the author gives a year-by-year and at times even a month-by-month account of his life, loves, friends, employment, writings, and speeches. The tone is judicial, the critical judgments fair and balanced. Includes a bibliography and an index. Steegmuller, Francis. Apollinaire: Poet Among the Painters. New York: Farrar, Straus, 1963. This is an exhaustive, extremely well-documented, unbiased, and highly readable biography.

On June 7, 1966, Arp died at the age of seventy-eight, while away from home, in Basel. Analysis Hans Arp was one of the founding members of the Dada movement, which had a broad impact on both art and literature in the early twentieth century. Dada’s principal target was humanity’s overestimation of reason. Its aim, Arp said, was “to destroy the reasonable deceptions of man,” to expose “the fragility of life and human works” through the use of Dadaist humor, which would reveal “the natural and unreasonable order” of things.

He also applied the notion of enjambment to rhyme, allowing not only the last syllable of a line but also the first letter or letters of the following line to count as constituent elements of a rhyme. Partly as a result of the conditions under which they were composed, Aragon’s Resistance poems are for the most part short and self-contained, although Le Musée grévin (the wax museum) is a single long poem, and the pieces in Brocéliande are linked by allusions to the knights of the Arthurian cycle, 37 Aragon, Louis Critical Survey of Poetry whom Aragon saw as the symbolic counterparts of the Resistance fighters.

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