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By Amookos, Shri Lokanath Maharaj, Michael R Goss

"In this booklet you'll find the 1st 3 sects of directions for the Tantrik workforce AMOOKOS (the Arcane and Magickal Order of the Knights of Shamhala). For the 1st time, we exhibit publicly the equipment, rites and philosophy pursued through an internal team of initiates in the Order.This booklet exhibits how the esoteric strands of east and west are fused jointly right into a sensible approach which has as its goal the revealing of the religious strength latent in each individual."

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Lucid Dreaming Lucid dreams can be triggered mechanically by biofeedback methods. Alternatively, you can use symbols to trigger a lucid dream. Select a symbol which you decide will wake you up during a dream, for example simple yantras set in jewellery, a vajra, or any other such mnemonic. Astrology and Dreams Yavanacharya (Pythagoras) held that dreams were influenced by different planets affecting or transit-ting a birth chart. This is a fertile field for investigation. But you will need to keep a dream record for some time before you can start experimenting.

These three cities are Her Shaktis or powers of Will - Knowledge - Action, and Creation Maintenance - Destruction. They are also the three cities called KnowerMeans of Knowledge-Known, or, as in our first degree, MeasurerMeans of Measuring-Measured. But because each aspect is the Primordial Goddess, by meditating on the Symbolism of One Alone, it is possible to realise All. The Seed of the Plant The bindu is the point of Creation, Pure Sound itself, Immanent, about to outspread into the Shri Yantra.

Shri Yantra as a Body The Bindu, or point in the centre represents Shiva-Shakti Samarasa - the union of Shiva and Shakti. The little triangle in the centre represents the Chalice of Shambhala, 84 or Moon, Sun and Fire, which are in the body as brain, heart or nerve plexus, and the grey matter in the spine. The eight triangles represent the Knower or the Measurer, and is the City or Circle of the Knower. The Two sets of circles each with ten triangles represent the means of knowledge and action, the five senses and the five ways of action together with the five impressions and the five elements.

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