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By Andres Piquer Otero, Pablo A Torijano Morales

This quantity comprises papers on assorted themes of textual feedback of the Bible, background of the Hebrew textual content and the Septuagint, and lifeless Sea Scrolls reports, contributed via acquaintances and co-workers of Julio Trebolle Barrera to honour him at the get together of his sixty fifth birthday. The e-book offers a sensible choice of present examine within the background and composition of the Bible, the Septuagint and the useless Sea Scrolls, all with the purpose of honouring a pupil who has excelled in these parts all through his profession.

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The reports in 2 Sam 24 and 1 Chr 21 of David having his people counted, of the divine punishment which follows, and the construction of an altar for sacrifice on a Jebusite threshing-floor, are much the same length, are very closely related, and yet exhibit more significant differences from each other than any other portion of similar size in the synoptic story of David. Dispassionate comparison is all the more difficult, and all the more necessary. Rather than privilege any of the extant texts, this essay will describe most of the differences in terms of pluses over against the text they share.

DAVID’S CENSUS: SOME TEXTUAL AND LITERARY LINKS A. 1 In that minimal sense at least, our witnesses to both 2 Sam 24 and 1 Chr 21 attest divergence from a shared source. 2 It gives me great pleasure to offer these further remarks to a fellow ancien de l’École biblique et archéologique française, whose expert combining of textual and literary history has provided energetic stimulus to my own work. The different sections of the synoptic narrative about David within 2 Samuel 5-24 and 1 Chronicles 11-21 have quite varied relationships to each other.

The MT again removes the word ('16+ and with it the address to the Lord as well as one of the characteristic signs of a Nazirite, namely abstinence. ' Š + ™ #'k… – =™ ’1K ——— 30 J. Hutzli, Die Erzählungen von Hanna und Samuel, 79–80, discusses the same cases but does not see the connection between them as I do; consequently, he also describes the theological motivations differently. 16 ANNELI AEJMELAEUS ̦̝Ҡ ̠ҧ̴̮ ̝Ѿ̯Ң̩ ц̩ҧ½̥ң̩ ̮̫̰ (< ('16+) ̠̫̯Ң̩ ы̴̭ ѓ̨ҝ̬̝̭ ̤̝̩қ̯̫̰ ̝Ѿ̯̫ԉ· ̦̝Ҡ ̫Ѩ̩̫̩ ̦̝Ҡ ̨ҝ̨̤̰̮̝ ̫Ѿ ½ҡ̡̯̝̥, ̦̝Ҡ ̮ҡ̠̣̬̫̭ ̫Ѿ̦ ж̩̝̞ҟ̡̮̯̝̥ ц½Ҡ ̯Ҟ̩ ̡̧̦̱̝Ҟ̩ ̝Ѿ̯̫ԉ.

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