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By Christiana Van Houten

One of the 1st systematic and significant reconstructions of the background of the social category of extraterrestrial beings in historic society, this learn develops new insights won from the sociological method of biblical literature. As Israel built from tribal society to kingdom, from country to confessional neighborhood and from confessional group to province, the id and felony prestige of the alien constructed in a concomitant approach. legislation which at first afforded the alien purely partial social and cultic inclusion within the pre-exilic interval finally required entire equality among the alien and Israelite within the postexilic period.

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3 For example, they require the mutual renunciation of aggression, and provide for a defensive alliance. Hence, the content of the stipulations argues against seeing international treaties as a major influence on the biblical laws. However, the discovery of the Hittite treaties has laid to rest the hypothesis of A. 4 These treaties contain imperatives formulated using the direct form of address and which do not stipulate a punishment for the crime. 5 Hence, on the basis of content, the stipulations of international treaties do not seem to have influenced biblical law, 1.

It should be noted that this comparison is based upon the conquest theory of the settlement of Israel in Canaan. 38 The Alien in Israelite Law defend every aspect of the comparison. Thus, it would not be fair to disagree with him because he has not mentioned certain features of the status of the perioikoi or the alien. Since my intent is to study the status of the alien more thoroughly than de Vaux's survey is able to do, it may be helpful to understand the status of the perioikoi in more detail so that any subsequent discussion can be seen against the backdrop of how another ancient society dealt with residents who were neither slaves nor full citizens.

7 In addition, the 1. Alt, 'The Origins of Israelite Law', pp. 79-132. 2. Paul, Studies in the Book of the Covenant, pp. 118-23. See also W. Malcolm Clark, 'Law', in Old Testament Form Criticism (ed. John H. Hayes; San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1974), pp. 99-140, for a survey of scholarship on the form of biblical law. 3. This is the definition given by K. M. Cupitt; New York: Scribner's, 1969), pp. 9-10. 4. I am using the headings and divisions suggested by Patrick, Old Testament Law, pp.

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