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By John Kessler

This monograph is a examine of the perceptions mirrored within the e-book of Haggai in regards to the basic social, political and spiritual associations in early Persian Yehud. specified consciousness is given to the shape and serve as of prophecy, and to the function of the prophet in society. The research incorporates a background of the feedback of Haggai, a research of the book’s redactional heritage and socio-political context, and an exegesis and literary research of the textual content. It concludes with an exam of the distinct views present in the publication and the sociological and non secular milieu that produced them. The paintings is especially priceless for its specified research of the biblical textual content, its cognizance to fresh literature at the early Persian interval, and its multidisciplinary and integrative procedure.

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Opines that it had bemme impossible to live in peace with the Persian authorities, that provineial neighbours aroused the ill will of the Persians against the community, and that war with Egypt sapped the resourees which were produeed. , 1:327. In a similar vein, in 1892, C. H. Toy (]udaism alld Christiallity: A Sketch of the Progress of Thought from Old Testament to New Testament, [London: British and Foreign Unitarian Association, 1892], p. 53), summarized postexilie propheey as folIows, "The old propheey had spent its strength; after the exile it was no longer wh at it had been, and in our period it is only the shadow of its former self.

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