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By Katharine J. Dell

The e-book of Proverbs is the start line of the biblical knowledge culture. yet how did person proverbs, directions and poems come jointly to shape a number of the collections we've this day? Katharine Dell explores the potential social contexts for this diversified fabric within the royal courtroom, knowledge faculties and pop culture. She attracts shrewdly on fabrics from the knowledge traditions of the traditional close to East, particularly Egypt, so as to bolster and increase her theories. She argues that Proverbs had a theological objective from its belief, with God's creativity being an fundamental subject matter of the textual content instead of one additional in later redactions. Dell additionally indicates that echoes of alternative previous testomony genres akin to prophecy, legislation and cult are available in Proverbs, particularly in chapters 1-9, and that its social and theological context is far broader than students have recognized some time past.

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Related to this is the issue of structural unity, for if the instructions or poems seem to stand as cohesive, well-formed units in their own right, that may well suggest written units of text. Finally, the question of relative dating of the various genres that make up Proverbs 1–9 is of interest, but I do not want to dwell on this issue at this stage. Other conclusions will be established first. This discussion of Proverbs 1–9 is inevitably influenced by the issues that scholars have brought to the text, and within that debate those of purpose and of structural unity come to the fore, the latter in reaction to the attempts of earlier scholars to carve up the texts more than now seems necessary.

G. in Prov. 1:15; 2:7–9, 12–15; 3:6, 23; cf. Ps. 1:6) and often provides an alternative to either the parent or Wisdom herself as the authoritative figure. As with the last instruction, however, with the father’s words leading to the giving of Wisdom’s benefits, here the father’s words put the son on the right track and then, being on that track, lead to the conferring of benefits, such as long life (verse 10) and the gift of ‘instruction’ (verse 13). There is still an integral relationship between the instructing father and the benefits of Wisdom, a relationship which serves to unify the passage here.

The possibility of education either in the home or in the school (or both) is left open in looking at this context. The religious question will be addressed in Chapter 4, when the structural integrity and purpose of the Yahweh references will be examined. However, an ethical content will be seen to be a primary element of an educational context; nearly all the instructions contain ethical injunctions or exhortations that need not be confined by a teaching context but, as they are Social context(s) in Proverbs 1–9 33 placed now in the body of the content of instruction texts, form a part of the wider educational context.

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