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It is now more usual to employ filter moulds where pressure is used, but it is necessary in this case not to use a milk of more than 1*2 to 1*25 specific gravity, otherwise the finished product has an undesirable rough fracture. When the above blocks dry a yellow crust is formed about half an inch thick. This is removed at a certain stage and the rest dries white. It has not been found possible to devise means to prevent the formation of this crust. The amount cut away represents about 25 per cent, of the total starch and the whole of this material has to be reworked in the next batch.

The blocks remain in the drying chamber 24 CARBOHYDRATES at 30° to 50° C. for two or three weeks. When dry the starch still contains 12 per cent, of moisture, and takes up from the atmosphere another three per cent. Rice starch has largely replaced wheat starch for many purposes. Owing to the smallness of the granules, it may be used in powdered form with cold water for stiffening linen in laundry work ; also for cosmetics. The smallness of the granules led to the selection of rice starch for use in the Lumiere process of colour photography.

C. O'Sullivan, " Maltose," Jouy. Chem. , 1872, 579. L. Cuisinier, " Maltose," La Sucrcrie Indig. , 1884, 23, 279 ; 1887,20,81. C. B. Duryea, " Industrial Maltose," Jour. Ind. Eng. , 1914, 419. —CANE SUGAR THE universal sweetening substance in use at the present time is cane sugar, whether derived from the sugar cane, which formerly furnished the whole supply of sugar, the beetroot, sugar maple, sorghum or sugar palm, for the purified product from any of these sources is the chemical compound sucrose, C12H22On.

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