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Approximately outdated international unique fish comparable to the Tanganyikan Cichlids, Malawian Cichlids, Victorian Cichlids, West African Cichlids, crucial American Cichlids, south American Cichlids, Cichlid upkeep and Cichlid literature.

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Mpanga”. is therefore of less importance. Breeding males congregate into large colonies and construct turret nests on the sandfloor. A photograph of a typical Nyassachromis nest is shown above. The dip on top of the cone is the spawning-site. Such a dip is rarely horizontally placed; usually it tilts to one end. In this way the females, which remain in schools in the open water, have a better view of the courting male when he displays in the nest. Mouthbrooding females stay in schools and may release their broods simultaneously.

In colour. SPREINAT, A. (1990) Zur Revision der Haplochrominen des Malawisees nach Eccles & Trewavas. DATZ (Aquar. Terrar. ) (4); pp 245-248, illustr. This article originally appeared in the January 1991 issue of Cichlidae, the periodical of the British Cichlid Association. Details of the BCA may be obtained from page 98. 39 Maravichromis (Caprichromis) liemi (McKaye & McKenzie, 1982) Ad Konings A male Maravichromis (Caprichromis) liemi in full breeding coloration photographed at Eccles Reef. ) liemi was previously placed in Caprichromis Eccles & Trewavas (1989).

Also in Konings’ books, 1989, 1990, macrostoma has been incorrectly used for nigriventer. This is important for us to know because all the ecological information we have about T. nigriventer is found in Konings’ books under the name macrostoma. While the true macrostoma is there treated under the name T. maculiceps, which may be a synonym of T. macrostoma, or at least the name of a closely related species or subspecies. To explain how this confusion came about let me relate the following, which also shows the value of cooperation between field naturalists, aquarists and taxonomists.

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