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By H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Robert M. Price, Brian Stableford, Henry Kuttner, T. E. D. Klein, Mark McLaughlin, Brian McNaughton, Darrell Schweitzer, Michael R. Collings, Frank Belkn

This quantity assembles not less than forty tales set in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

• “At the Mountains of Madness,” by way of H. P. Lovecraft
• “The occasions at Poroth Farm,” by means of T.E.D. Klein
• “The go back of the Sorcerer,” through Clark Ashton Smith
• “Worms of the Earth,” by way of Robert E. Howard
• “Envy, the Gardens of Ynath, and the Sin of Cain,” by way of Darrell Schweitzer
• “Drawn from Life,” by way of John Glasby
• “In the Haunted Darkness,” through Michael R. Collings
• “The Innsmouth Heritage,” through Brian Stableford
• “The Doom That got here to Innsmouth,” through Brian McNaughton
• “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” by means of H. P. Lovecraft
• “The anonymous Offspring,” through Clark Ashton Smith
• “The Hounds of Tindalos,” through Frank Belknap Long
• “The Faceless God,” by way of Robert Bloch
• “The teenagers of Burma,” via Stephen Mark Rainey
• “The name of Cthulhu,” via H.P. Lovecraft
• “The outdated One,” by means of John Glasby
• “The Holiness of Azédarac,” via Clark Ashton Smith
• “Those of the Air,” by way of Darrell Schweitzer and Jason Van Hollander
• “The Graveyard Rats,” by means of Henry Kuttner
• “Toadface,” via Mark McLaughlin
• “The Whisperer in Darkness,” through H. P. Lovecraft
• “The Eater of Hours,” by way of Darrell Schweitzer
• “Ubbo-Sathla,” by way of Clark Ashton Smith
• “The Space-Eaters,” by means of Frank Belknap Long
• “The hearth of Asshurbanipal,” by means of Robert E. Howard
• “Beyond the Wall of Sleep,” by way of H.P. Lovecraft
• “Something within the Moonlight,” by way of Lin Carter
• “The Salem Horror,” by means of Henry Kuttner
• “Down in Limbo,” via Robert M. Price
• “The Dweller within the Gulf,” via Clark Ashton Smith
• “Azathoth,” through H.P. Lovecraft
• “Pickman’s Modem,” by way of Lawrence Watt-Evans
• “The Hunters from Beyond,” by way of Clark Ashton Smith
• “Ghoulmaster,” by way of Brian McNaughton
• “The Spawn of Dagon,” through Henry Kuttner
• “Dark Destroyer,” through Adrian Cole
• “The Dunwich Horror,” through H. P. Lovecraft
• “The darkish Boatman,” by way of John Glasby
• “Dagon and Jill,” by way of John P. McCann

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Robert Nathan, with whom I became friends for the last twenty-odd years of his life, said to me once, "I read Dunsany and Machen when I was young, and I met Cabell once or twice, in the twenties, but I never considered them a literary school or generation of any sort. " When I asked if he thought of himself as a fantasy writer, he answered, "No I work around the edges, if you like, but in the end I write what I like to read, like the rest of us. " Maybe what I'm getting at - and what Robert meant - is that the division between fantasy writers and writers who wrote fantasy wasn't nearly as distinct during most of his publishing career as it has become in recent decades.

She got out. " he said cheerfully and jumped back in and took off, leaving the smell of exhaust. She was standing in an alley barely wider than the taxi. Both sides of the alley were long red walls, punctuated by wide doors, all closed. A man jogged past her with a long stick over his shoulders with baskets on both ends. The stick was bowed with the weight and flexed with each step. Directly in front of her was a red door set with studs. If she tilted her head back, above the wall she could see a building with curved eaves, rising tier upon tier like some exotic wedding cake.

Rachel," Speed said from her door. She stopped with her hand on the gate. " he asked. " she asked. He shrugged. The geese were gathered in a soft gray cluster by the garden at the side of the little clapboard cabin where they had been picking among the tomato plants. All their heads were turned towards her. She went out the gate. The road was full of pale dust like talcum powder, already warmed by the sun. It felt so good she was glad that she hadn't worn shoes. As she walked, she seemed to walk forward in time.

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