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By A. Lee Battershell

This study-a comparability of the Boeing and division of security methods to constructing and generating an airplane-was undertaken to determine why the DOD procedure ends up in improvement and creation courses that span eleven to 21 years, whereas Boeing develops and produces planes in four to nine years. The C-17 and 777 have been selected simply because either use comparable know-how degrees.

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Development Time for Boeing Commercial Models Years 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 '777 101 months 747-300 53 months 767-300 39 months 767 6 8 months r'lStart to G o A h e a d 757 iGo 52 months A h e a d to Finish 747 5 0 months 737 4 3 m onths 727 53 months 707 Source: William Savery, former chief, Engineering Operations, The Boeing Company. 43 • In 1986, the Packard Commission made recommendations based on six underlying features that typified the most successful commercial programs: clear command channels; stability; limited reporting requirements; small, high-quality staffs; communications with users; and prototyping and testing.

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