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By Helena Gourko, Donald I. Williamson (auth.), Helena Gourko, Donald I. Williamson, Alfred I. Tauber (eds.)

Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916), winner of the Nobel Prize in 1907 for his contributions to immunology, was once first a comparative zoologist, who, operating within the wake of Darwin's On the beginning ofSpecies, made seminal contributions to evolutionary biology. His paintings in comparative embryology is better recognized in regard to the debates with Ernst Haeckel pertaining to animal genealogical relationships and the theoretical origins of metazoans. yet autonomous of these polemics, Metchnikoff constructed his `phagocytosis thought' of immunity due to his early comparative embryology study, and in simple terms in analyzing the complete breadth of his paintings can we delight in his sign originality. Metchnikoff's medical papers have remained principally untranslated into English. Assembled the following, annotated and edited, are the major evolutionary biology papers relationship from Metchnikoff's earliest writings (1865) to the texts of his mature interval of the Nineties, on the way to function a useful source for these drawn to the historic improvement of evolutionary biology.

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Metchnikoff, E. (1901, 1905) Immunity in Infective Diseases. English translation by EG. Binnie. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press and New York: Macmillan, 1905. , New York, 1968. Metchnikoff, Olga (1921) Life of Elie Metchnikoff. Trans. R. Lankester; London: Constable, 1921. Mueller, F. (1869) Fuer Darwin. Leipzig: W. Engelmann. S . Dallas, Facts and Arguments for Darwin. London: John Murray. D. "Raboty I. I. Mechnikova v oblasti embryologii," in ACW, III, 401-437. M. (1967) Essays in the History of Embryology and Biology, Cambridge, Mass.

1863) "Die Entwicklung der Diptera im Ei, nach Beobachtungen an Chironomus speciosus, Musca vomitoria und Pulex canix," Z. Wiss. , 13:107-220. Weismann, A. (1863) "Die nachembryonale Entwicklung der Musciden nach Beobachtungen an Musca vomitoria und Sarcophaga carnaria," Z. Wiss. , 14: 187-336. Weismann, A. Leipzig Zaddach, G. (1854) Untersuchungen ueber die Entwicklung und den Bau der Gliederthiere, Vol. / , Die Entwicklungen des Phryganiden-Eies (Berlin). CHAPTER 1 ON THE DEVELOPMENTAL LIFE-HISTORY OF MYZOSTOMUM' (1866) Despite the serious studies of Loven, Semper, Schultze and Schmidt, Myzostomum, which parasites species of Comatula, 2 still belongs to those mysterious organisms to which no definite systematic position has yet been assigned.

The majority of the best zoologists of our time have come from this field, and, indeed, each successive step in the development of lower animals reveals new phenomena and significantly broadens our horizons. Much has been done in this field of science, but a great deal of knowledge is still missing. What is lacking is precisely that information which might permit a comparison of the development of different animals and a generalization of the laws of development. In other words, what has not yet been developed is comparative biology.

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