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By Joshua Holland

AlterNet editor Joshua Holland demolishes the Right's greatest and so much outrageous myths in regards to the economyTaxes kill development. exertions unions harm their contributors. govt law destroys jobs. those are only many of the largest lies within the internet of incorrect information spun by means of conservatives and the Chamber of trade. Holland's ebook dissects each one malicious fiction to teach how the ideal is simply undeniable improper at the economy—wrong on jobs, fallacious at the deficit, unsuitable on taxes, fallacious on trade.Takes down previous and new conservative myths in regards to the economic climate, together with healthcare, stimulus, revolutionary taxes, Wall highway law, and moreFilled with contemporary fees from conservative politicians and pundits, from the deceptive to the laughable to the definitely outrageousTackles particular elements of the Republicans' financial time table, together with their 2010 possible choices to Obama's budgetDeftly written and conscientiously documented via Alternet senior writer/editor Joshua HollandWith the financial system set to be the riding factor sooner than and after the 2010 midterm elections, The Fifteen largest Lies concerning the economic climate units the list immediately on everything of the conservatives' fiscal schedule.

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To stop Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dreaded New Deal from being enacted. 35 A more subtle approach is to convince a majority of voters that your interests are, in fact, their own. Yet there’s a big problem with this: if you belong to a rarified group, then the notion of aligned interests doesn’t reflect objective reality. And in the early 1970s, the media and academia provided a neutral arbiter of that reality (of sorts). We’ve all grown accustomed to conservatives’ conspiracy theories about the corporate media having a far-left bias and college professors indoctrinating American youths into Maoism.

18 The backlash, Henwood explained, was brutal, as the new conservative movement launched “a very successful class-war from above—big crack-down on labor, union-busting, paring back the welfare state. And at the same time Wall Street was making its contribution to things. ”19 Union busting became popular in corporate America. 21 That’s an important piece of context. Since the middle of the last century, investors’ returns on real production in the advanced economies—manufacturing—have steadily declined.

I never invest in the stock market because I think—I’ve always thought—that it’s just—it’s a crap shoot,” he said. “[But] GE goes down to five, six, or seven, and I’m thinking, ‘My god. ’”41 A week after that, Scarborough invited Nancy Snyderman, a regular medical correspondent for NBC’s networks, onto the show to discuss the health-care reform bill then moving through Congress. Snyderman, who was presented to the audience as an impartial medical expert, had lost the ABC News job she’d previously held for seventeen years due to a conflict of interest.

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