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Dr. Lana Cantrell was once born in Salzburg, Austria, and now lives in a suburb of the dual towns in MN. She is a member of the yankee organization of the development of technological know-how, American Institute of organic technological know-how, American Holistic scientific origin, Palepathology organization, and the traditional Astronaut Society.Eight yr of exhaustive study has printed the genuine heritage of mankind, hidden within the historical texts of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian and Hebrew peoples. Did guy have a completely constructed, technological society in private antiquity? Did he as soon as have the ability of area flight? Did an unlimited common battle distroy the realm? truth or fiction? that's what this learn makes an attempt to determine because the historic texts spread their secrets.Here is a publication that rigorously tells the tale of the way the human race came within the first position. this introductory details must commence what's going to develop into a so much outstanding revelation, one that Zecharia Sitchin has already spelled out in his Earth Chronicle series."According to the Veda, huge empires waxed and waned in biochemical dishevels. Atlantis and Lemuria have been the climax of significant exchange routes that stemmed from one nook of the realm to the opposite. Atlantis' situation used to be, because the identify implies. a continent within the Atlantic. Lemuria used to be now just a chain of volcanic islands, and, if we learn the tectonics thoroughly, the misplaced island of Mu of the japanese. Ms. Lana Cantrell. Cantrell delivered to her examine of pre-history not just an open brain (a significant pre-requisite) but in addition an in depth history in clinical writing and reporting, which enabled her to provide distinctive insights on many mysteries of pre-history -- insights we've by no means visible earlier than, and will by no means see back.

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Esoteric literature seems to have a reference to a pterodactyl: flying creatures, wonderful and strange in appearance, with the feet and tails of lions, and the heads of crocodiles; their appearmce is of a purple color like the rainbow; their size nine hundred measures. The reference to the skin is enlightening, as we have found fossilized skin with the colors of the "rainbow" as on todays many reptiles. W e need not go far back in ancient literature to find what the downfall of the Nibiruians was-war.

Powetful, insolent, bearing many shapes, they swarmed over this seo-girt earth, crushing their enemies. They oppressed the Brohmins, the barons, the formersf even the serfs, and other creotures they oppressed with their power. Sowing fear ond sloughtering oil the races of 2 - 13. creation, they roamed ali over earth, O king, by the hundreds of thousands, menacing evefy where the great seers in their hermitages, impious, drunk with power, insensate with drink. When she was thus tyrannized by the grand Asuras, bloated with power curd strength, Earth came to Brahma os o supplicant.

The hammer in question was found in June of 1934 in London, Texas in rock 400 million years old. The Batelle Laboratories have made an extensive research of it concluding it was formed hy no known process of steel production, the head of iron, the handle, wood. However, the iron has no silicon or carbon that are used to process steel. 74% sulphur which is rather extraordinary for without carbon it isn't steel and with no silica could have been furnace forged, but why the high amount of chlorine which results from that type of production?

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