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Within the self-contained components of his learn, individual deals a brand new attempt at reconstructing the Urtext of the 2 significant synoptic texts from the ebook of Kings, with the purpose of delivering a critique of present redaction-critical research of the Deuteronomistic background (DH). To this finish, he compares the numerous textual recensions concerned, which with regards to 2 Kgs 18:13-20:19 are the Hebrew and Greek texts of Kings, the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Isaiah parallel, and the corresponding parts of the Isaiah scroll from Qumran. on the subject of 2 Kgs 24:18-25:30, along with the Kings texts he covers the Hebrew and Greek variations of Jer fifty two. In either components of his ebook individual follows an identical process. First, the witnesses are displayed in parallel columns, with the Greek translations retroverted into Hebrew, by way of notes at the retroversions. moment, the textual and literary relationships one of the witnesses are decided. 3rd, an annotated reconstruction of the putative Urtext of all of the recensions extant is undertaken. within the fourth step, individual states his view of the text-critical implications for the redactional heritage of the textual content less than dialogue. the result of either elements resemble one another heavily and are summarized within the ultimate conclusions of the publication. individual believes that during both textual content studied, inter-versional comparability can pinpoint additions in Kings which are either past due and Deuteronomistic in personality. From this it follows that "there have been not less than redactional levels in the back of MT-Kings, person who produced the Urtexts and one who produced MT-Kings" (p. 114). For individual, this statement grants a dangerous blow to all contemporary theories at the improvement of the DH, for the reason that "they all fail methodologically simply because they forget about textual content severe facts and are not able to differentiate among redactional layers which are glaring from the textual content serious controls" (p. 115).

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Rl Γπ π as r Ρ c »-. as a as _ ρι ? Ξ τas ο Γ -fi S. η ι: * D Γ L· Ε as as as a IZ iz tz c r a as JN η c ο j as \ 25 Synopsis with Notes (- y * π as <-> Ρ» Sι- ϊ «η C Γ Γ Γ -Λ η c Γ γπ γ Ρ-Γ Ε r £ Ε Ρ χ ·= a as Β Π Γ J> rϊ ar rF κ as ε,Ο Γ ε. Γ ? a Ρ Ρ Ρ " π: as 5 π J\ Ε ιζ ο F D. Γ ρι 81 as η η as η Ε Ρ E S c π r η π ^ η Γ π η r r JN c r: τ* Μ cπ: ·~* r: ρ . τ· 2 1 f a Π r. - Γ ρ> -{1 1 ^ - Γ ·= tz as η η C π ^ a α γ: η Γ ΐ* Π as η η as η a ί= c C π r -Pl c π ^ „ γ- a Γ ^Λ c a α CΠ 2 Μ * ^^£ JN >— π r Ε ι- ι- — ι <-> Λ C??

KOSH I "pDK " p \76\ denotes two readings ( Κ ^ Π ρ ί Ο Ν p and flftΚ p Κ " Ί ] Π ) with the former one considered to be original. Urtext 3 Ή Π 2 0 r 6 y [ ] Γ Ρ ρ Τ Π f ^ D 1 ? 14]18 : ο ΐ Ί 3 rnto n b c m ptf«]nar'pyn 48 Kings/Isaiah Recensions Ί30Π [n]3iuh γϊ>3π ntfK a->p->bx in-'p'pn ρ [ΙβΟΠ^Κ κ ι i n n « npti? HJin -["ΡΏΠ -TON ΠΠ [17] ΊΠ'ρΤΠ :[i9][jnnan [20]mn«2o rtnnbnb napn isra ^m κιη nsyttfn και upk κι"ρη27] i ^ n a n min'1? nny[i]23 bjb :ηηπη πητηη &2ΏΊ [31 f ] 1 ? Κ]\49\η [48] n p t ö ">3ηκ 2 4 by fca] b v ρ ώ κ ] [47] [46cayn] ·>3τκη [45] ρτ»-ηπ·» nib ηώκ ΠΡΟΙΟ : [ 3 6 C P t t n s 1 ?

The use of ΊώΚ following a form of ΰΏώ to introduce indirect speech is also found in 37: l l . 2 0 IG 37:12 (100): αϊ daiv kv χώρq. ΘεΧσαδ = i S ^ r U ΊώΝ 21 IG 37:13: oi βασιΧεΐ?. It appears that the translator sometimes uses a plural Greek word to translate the repetitious use of a Hebrew word; therefore, the Greek does not reflect a different Vorlage. IG 37:17: «Ισάκουσον κΰρΐ€ «ισβλίψον κύριε. 22 IG 37:26: όχυροΐς- ... όχυραΐς-. It appears that the translator repeated the Greek word because of the different genders of the nouns; therefore, the Greek does not reflect a different Vorlage.

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