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By Werner Baumbach

Notable saga of the increase and fall of 1 of history's nice air forces, as informed by way of considered one of its such a lot adorned and venerated officials, Werner Baumbach. A key determine within the aerial campaigns over England, Russia, the Mediterranean, and the Arctic, Baumbach grew to become head of the Luftwaffe's Bomber Command prior to his 30th birthday. In lifestyles and loss of life he offers a close, frank, inside of account of Germany's air battle, noticeable from the pinnacle: Hitler as chief and strategist; tests of such Luftwaffe leaders as Göring, Milch, Udet, Jeschonnek, and Galland; and the nice controversies over strategies and process that helped make a decision the conflict.

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So in fact England cannot help Poland. There remains the question of an attack on Italy. Military intervention is out of the question. No one comtemplates a war of long duration. If Herr von Hitler's Irrevocable Decision 29 Brauchitsch had told me that he needed four years to conquer Poland I should have replied that in that case we would forget about it. We will hold back the West while we conquer Poland. We must always remember our vast production achievement. It is much greater than 1914 to 1918.

Anti-aircraft defence lacks all proper equipment. There are about 600 heavy and 2,800 light guns, and about 3,300 outmoded searchlights. The Royal Air Force is far behind the German Luftwaffe as regards operational readiness, particularly in air defence. A. and aircraft industries established in Canada and Australia. F. aiming at an output of: about 2,400 aircraft. Overseas about 500. Naval about 500. Anti-aircraft artillery is to be doubled. It remains to be seen whether this is really intended, or whether the statements in Parliament and the Press are not mainly a sop to a highly agitated public opinion.

Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic States. Of no significance, except that, Sweden and Finland in particular, as suppliers of raw may acquire a certain importance material. Balkan countries. Of no importance. Italy. About 3,800 aircraft (land and naval planes) of which 2,800 are front-line. By 1940 the whole Italian air force can be considered out of date. The anti-aircraft artillery has only out-moded equipment. The aircraft industrial capacity is inadequate. 1 The Life and Death of the Luftwaffe 22 This report concludes as follows: The Western Powers up with Germany are rearming in order to in the next year or two.

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