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By R. W. Southern

A extraordinary Oxford historian offers an soaking up examine of the most personalities and the impacts that molded the historical past of Western Europe from the overdue 10th to the early 13th century, describing the manager varieties of social, political, and non secular organization.

“A publication of infrequent value.”—Sidney Painter, American historic Review

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Wormald, The Survival of Anglo-Saxon Illumination after the Norman Conquest (British Academy Hertz Lecture, 1944). Tree of Jesse (Cîteaux, 1110-1120). Dijon, Bibliothèque Municipal, MS. 641, f. 40 verso. ) facing page 240 For the bibliography of this manuscript, see below p. 239. The Aaby Crucifix (Copenhagen, National Museum, II, No. D. 629). between pages 240 and 241 The Tirstrup Crucifix (Copenhagen, National Museum, II, No. D. 5100). between pages 240 and 241 These two Danish crucifixes are discussed in relation to the other works of the period in P.

Southern Italy was controlled by the Moslem rulers of Sicily and it was not yet clear how far North that control might be extended. From the Adriatic eastwards, Latin Christendom lost contact with Mediterranean coastline: the -29- Empire of Constantinople extended to the Dalmatian coast and stretched out its claims, if not its authority, to include Venice and Southern Italy. In the western Mediterranean, Christian shipping was, if not quite at a standstill, at least paralysed for want of anything to carry.

30th November, 1952 -x- INTRODUCTION THE formation of western Europe from the late tenth to the early thirteenth century is the subject of this book. The two dates within which it could most conveniently be framed are 972 and 1204. In these years there occurred two events, of very unequal importance in the public eye but not so unequally matched in their suggestion of new opportunities in thought and politics. It was in the first of these years in all probability that the scholar Gerbert, a young man at the height of his powers and bursting with intellectual life, having absorbed the scientific learning of Italy and the Spanish March, felt himself called to the study of logic and moved from Rome to Rheims for that purpose.

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