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Thesecond meal,whichfollowsshortly after the first one, consistsof bread, meat, boiled rice or pilao and any other soild food whichtheymaylike to take. Thesetwoare the principal mealsthey have in llamazan. At 3 o'clock in the night, i. , somehours before sunrise,theydrink milk or takesomelight icfreshrnent as a prevention againstthirst duringthe day. Promthefastof Ramazan none,sogoes traditionor precept,are excused,excepttravellers and sick persons (und^rwliichlast denomination the doctorsinclude all whosehealth would manifestly bo injured by their keeping the fast, such as women with child, or womennursing, superannuated persons,and young children); but even these arc obligedassoonasthe objections mentioned ceaseto fast an equal number of days at any other time of the year,and breakingthefast canonly beexpiatedby alms-giving.

In dealing with Islam, it would be meethere to givein a few words the main doctrinesand preceptsrelatingto Moslem faith and religious dutiesessentiallyincumbent on all followers of the prophet. To his religionthe Prophetgavethe name of Islam, whichword signifies resignation, or submission to the service and commandsof God. Islam the Moslemsdivide into two distinct parts ; tman, i. &, faith or theory, and din, i. t religion or practice, and aver that it is built on fundamental points one belonging to faith, and the other four to practice.

For the sake of brevityand convenience, let us firstarrange thesefestivities in a groupandproper order of form ; and then proceedto dilateuponall of themindividually and separately. The properly groupedform, will, therefore, come under one classificationas follows:-(1) " Bera-i-Khaja-KJrizir";(2) " Bakra- t-Shaikh-Suddo"; (8) «"Zearut-t-Kaboor or Mannit-Mangna";(4) " Mela-4-Dargah or Manmt-Charhana";(5) " Hazerat-i-bhoot-o-jin" ; (6) 'Rujjabt'; and (7) * Nowrox\ BERA-I-KHAJAH-KHIZIR. The above literally means a raft floated in honor of Khajah Khizir, one of the prominent Prophets of the Muslim bulwarks of faith; and ordinarily signifies a peculiar rite current among Mussulmans of India.

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