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By Samiul Hasan (auth.), Samiul Hasan (eds.)

Islam isn't just a faith, but additionally a tradition, culture, and civilization. There are presently 1.5 billion humans on this planet who establish themselves as Muslim. thirds of the global Muslim inhabitants, i.e. nearly 1000000000 humans, dwell in forty-eight Muslim majority international locations (MMC) on the planet– all of which other than one are in Africa and Asia. of those MMCs in Africa and Asia, purely twelve (inhabited by means of approximately a hundred sixty five million humans) have ever completed a excessive rating at the Human improvement Index (HDI), the index that measures existence expectancy at beginning, schooling and conventional of residing and ranks how "developed" a rustic is. which means the vast majority of the world's Muslim inhabitants lives in poverty with low or medium point of human development.

The contributions to this leading edge quantity try and ensure why this is often. They discover the impact of setting, area, and gear on human improvement. the result's a posh, interdisciplinary examine of all MMCs in Africa and Asia. It bargains new insights into the present country of the Muslim global, and gives a theoretical framework for learning human improvement from an interdisciplinary social, cultural, fiscal, environmental, political, and spiritual viewpoint, on the way to be acceptable to neighborhood and cultural stories of house and tool in different areas of the world.

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282). 11╇ Ijtihad, opposite of taqleed or imitation, is a jurist’s independent analysis and decision about an issue not covered in the Qur’an or Sunnah. 12╇ Hanafi, Maliki, and Hanbali jurists have accepted, while Shafi’i and Shi’a jurists have rejected Ijtihsan as a method of ‘ijtihad’’ (independent analysis). €86) who refers to the commentary in the ‘Message of the Qur’an’ by Muhammad Asad. This is also the opinion of Abul Ala Mawdudi who argued that the hudud punishment could be implemented only if a society was thoroughly Islamized, see Nasr (2005).

Slavery—in the absence of a strong local community) to support successful farming (Diamond 1997). Domesticated animals in and around the Fertile Crescent17 (except lama; Diamond 1997) transformed the cropping pattern, increased productivity, brought in the division (and specialization) of work, created surplus labor (due to the lessening of time required for food collection or production), widened the variety of produce and size of the surplus forcing the producers increasingly serve the neighbors (near and far).

Pluralism in Islam relates to its political divisions—Sunni20 and Shi’a (a short form of Shi’atu Ali meaning the ‘faction of Ali’ often anglicized as the ‘Shiites’) Muslims (Shi’a in short). Sunnis accept the first four Caliphs of Islam (including Ali ibn Abi Talib) as the ‘Rightly-Guided Caliphs’. 1). In Shi’a Islam, two major fuqaha (pl. of faqih; Muslim jurists) are Imam Muhammad Baqir (677–733€CE) and Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (702–765€CE). About 10% of the followers of Islam now are Shi’a Muslims, who are mostly in Iran.

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