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Complications. 3) with no signs of any breaks in the succession, but the twelfth actually thickens m arkedly! Such misbehaviour of strata in their most classic sections leads me to have serious doubts (in fact, positive hatred) of the concept of the ‘stratotype’ so much favoured by many continental workers. T his idea of type section for a particular stratigraphical division will be discussed in a later chapter; all I must say here is that no type section known to me can possibly pretend to be representative of a whole unit of the stratigraphical column, however small.

T he so-called ‘Purkeckian’ Stage at the top of the Jurassic reaches a maximum of 562 feet under the Weald south of London. Yet only 30 miles or so away the ‘Purbeckian’ is down to a mere 3 feet, with no obvious breaks, on the French cliffs near Boulogne. V ery often it is not as simple as that. W hat looks like thinning in a m ajor unit m ay turn out to be something much more complicated in the smaller constituent units. 2 a). 2k). 3. Actual variation within constituent zones between the Dorset coast and the Mendip ‘axis’.

But then the rest of the Oligocene alone reaches as much as 3000 metres. This is the 36 THE NATURE OF THE STRATIGRAPHICAL RECORD Macigno Sandstone. The story is that slow sedimentation in deep water produced first the Diaspri (Upper Jurassic radiolarian cherts) and then the Scaglia or Scisti policromi (Cretaceous to Oligocene vari-coloured shales). Then, at the top of the Scaglia , there was a sudden change in sedimentation to a brecciated limestone full of large foraminifera (the Brecciole nummulitiohe).

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