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1 Jl ' (IJM^^^k "Sk! Chikugo Class Frigates 1 1 ships including Chikugo (DE-215); Teshio (DE-222). Country of origin: Japan Displacement: 1470-1500 tons 1700-1730 full load) Dimensions: Length overall 305 5ft (931m), beam 35 5ft (10 8m), 5ft (3 5m) draught Armament: Two 3in (76mm) guns in twin mounting, two 40mm AA guns in twin mounting, one ASROC Mk16 octuple launcher, two triple Mk32 ( 1 1 torpedo tubes. Propulsion: Four diesels The War first II ( 16,000shp), twin shafts, 25l

This design was produced by CMN, at Cherbourg in France, as the La Combattante (Type 148). A scaled-up version of this design became the basis of a missile-armed patrol boat, the Type 143, 10 of which were constructed for the German Navy between 1 972 and 1 977. Intended for Baltic operations, they have a high speed and two OTO Melara 3in (76mm) Compacts to ensure adequate antiAn AG1 5 automatic data link with the shore base can be used for remote firing and control of their MM 38 Exocet SSMs. The Type 143s also carry two torpedo tubes firing Seal wire-guided torpedoes.

Meanwhile the MEKO destroyers must rank as of the most successful designs currently in service. Below: Commissioned on 26 January 1983, Almirante Brown (D sent to the Gulf in late-1990 to support Allied operations. 10) some was Aster, Eridan and Alkmaar Classes Coastal minehunters 35 ships: Belgium 650); Netherlands — — 10 (M 915-M 924); France 850-M 864). — 10 ships (M 641-M 15 ships (M Countries of origin: Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Displacement: 562 tons standard (595 full load). 5m).

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