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By Dr. Vadim J. Birstein

During the Soviet years, Russian technological know-how used to be touted as one of many maximum successes of the regime. Russian technological know-how was once thought of to be equivalent, if now not more desirable, to that of the rich western countries. The Perversion of Knowledge, a historical past of Soviet technology that makes a speciality of its keep an eye on by means of the KGB and the Communist celebration, finds the darkish aspect of this glittering fulfillment. in accordance with the author’s firsthand adventure as a Soviet scientist, and drawing on large Russian language assets no longer simply to be had to the Western reader, the booklet comprises stunning new details on biomedical experimentation on people in addition to an exam of the pernicious results of Trofim Lysenko’s pseudo-biology. additionally incorporated are many poignant case histories of these who collaborated and those that controlled to withstand, targeting the ethical offerings and results. The textual content is followed by means of the author’s personal translations of key archival fabrics, making this paintings a necessary source for all people with a significant curiosity in Russian history.

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The Perversion Of Knowledge: The True Story Of Soviet Science

Through the Soviet years, Russian technological know-how used to be touted as one of many maximum successes of the regime. Russian technology used to be thought of to be equivalent, if now not stronger, to that of the rich western international locations. The Perversion of data, a historical past of Soviet technology that makes a speciality of its regulate via the KGB and the Communist occasion, finds the darkish aspect of this glittering success.

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It is absolute openness and the absence of any secrecy in science. Only thus can we hope that the scientists who succeed will be those who do not confuse exceptional human beings with experimental animals. —B. Müller-Hill, Murderous Science Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. —V. 1 Changes in subordination of Special Secret Laboratory No. 2 Events surrounding the Beria and Merkulov trials Photos The original VCheKa-KGB building at Lubyanka (Dzerzhinsky) Square, 1926 The main yard of Vladimir Prison, 1998 Lavrentii Beria, 1938 Lavrentii Beria, 1946 Vsevolod Merkulov, 1945 The corner of Bol’shaya Lubyanka Street and Varsonofyevsky Lane, 1997 A corridor inside Vladimir Prison, 1990 Nikolai Blokhin, 1956 Aleksei Speransky with students, 1952 Academician Gleb Frank, 1951 Presidium of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, 1950s Monument to the victims of Stalin’s terror, 1997 LIST OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS DalstroiMain Directorate for Building in the Far East EKO Economical Department FAPSIFederal Government Communications and Information Agency FSBFederal Security Service GEUMain Economic Directorate Gidroproekt Directorate for Projecting, Planning, and Research GKOState Committee of Defense GlavgidrostroiMain Directorate of Camps for Hydrotechnical Construction GlavlitMain Directorate on the Literature and Publishing Houses GlavmikrobiopromMain Administration of the Microbiological Industry Glavpromstroi,Main Directorate of Camps for Industrial or GULPSConstruction GlavsortuprMain Directorate of Seed Varieties GoelroState Energy Committee GosizdatState Publishing Company GosNIIOKhTState Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology GosplanState Planning Committee GPUState Political Directorate GTUMain Directorate of Transportation GUGBMain Directorate of State Security GUILGMPMain Directorate of Camps of the Mining Metallurgic Industry IEBInstitute of Experimental Biology IEMGamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology IMEMOInstitute for World Economy and International Relations INOForeign Department IVANInstitute for Oriental Studies JACJewish Anti-Fascist Committee KEPSCommission for the Study of Natural-Productive Forces KGBCommittee of State Security KICommittee on Information KTPHKazan Psychiatric Prison Hospital KUBUCommission to Improve Living Conditions of Scientists MGBUSSR Ministry of State Security MinmedbiopromMinistry of the Medical and Microbiological Industries MOIPMoscow Society of Naturalists NarkomprosCommissariat of Education NarkomzdravCommissariat of Health NarkomzemCommissariat of Agriculture NEPNew Economic Policy NKVDPeople’s Commissariat of the Interior NTOScientific Technology Section of the VSNKh NTSPopular Labor Alliance of Russian Solidarists OAUVCheKa Administrative-Organizational Department OGPUUnited State Political Directorate OMNISociety of Moscow Scientific Institute OOSpecial Department OOTDepartment of Operational Equipment OSOMGB Special Board OSSOffice of Strategic Services OTUOperational-Technical Directorate OVDDepartment for Investigation of Especially Important Cases PBOPetrograd Armed Organization PolitotdelPolitical Department RFYaTs-VNIITFRussian Federation Nuclear Center RNPRussian National Party ROVSWhite Russian Military Union RSFSRRussian Federation SMERSHMilitary Counterintelligence SOSecret Department SODCouncil of Men in Public Life SOESpecial Operation Executive SOUSecret-Operational Directorate SovinformburoSoviet Information Agency SovminCouncil of Ministers SovnarkomCouncil of People’s Commissars StBCzechoslovak Security Service SVRForeign Intelligence Service TKPLabor Peasant Party TseKUBUCentral Commission to Improve Living Conditions of Scientists TsNIISTCentral Scientific Investigation Institute for Special Technology VARNITSOAll-Union Association of Workers of Science and Technique to Assist the Socialist Construction VASKhNILAll-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, or Agricultural Academy VCheKaAll-Russian Extraordinary Commission VIEMAll-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine VIRAll-Union Institute of Plant Breeding VNII GenetikaAll-Union Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Microorganisms VNII-1All-Union Research Institute One for Gold and Rare Metals VNIROAll-Union Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography VRKMilitary-Revolutionary Committee VSNKhSupreme Council of National Economy VTsIKAll-Russian Central Executive Committee VTsSPSAll-Russian Council of Trade Unions FOREWORD D RAWING UPON THE many new sources that have appeared since the Soviet Union was dissolved, including materials from the KGB archives, Dr.

130-131). 2 List of the VCheKa/KGB Chairmen, 1917—Present Name of the Chairman 1 Security Service2 Years 1. )-1926 (July) 2. Menzhinsky*, Vyacheslav Rudolfovich OGPU 1926 (July)-1934 (May) 3. ) 4. ) 5. ) 6. —July) 7. Merkulov*, Vsevolod Nikolaevich NKGB/MGB 1943 (April)—1946 (May) 8. )—1946 (March) 9. Abakumov*, Viktor Semyonovich MGB 1946 (May)—1951 (July) 10. Kruglov*, Sergei Nikiforovich MVD 1946 (March)—1953 (March) 11. ) 12. )—1953 (March) 13. Beria*, Lavrentii Pavlovich MVD 1953 (March—June) 14.

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