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By Edward A. Gibson, Neal J. Pearlmutter

How humans check with gadgets on the earth, how humans understand reference, and the way young children gather an realizing of and a capability to take advantage of reference.

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The child answers the boy because the child presupposes that there is a boy (at least one) and asserts that a boy is crying. In other words, the child has a presupposition of existence of an N for the N to be useable, but doesn’t have a presupposition of uniqueness. 6 A formal definition is given in (6). (6) Regardless of the utterance context, [theC x] P expresses that proposition which is true at an index i, if there is an x at i, and it is P at i; 26 Wexler false at an index i, if there is an x at i, and there is no x such that x is P at i; and truth-valueless at an index i, if there is no x at I.

Lingua 106, 23–79. Wexler, K. 1999. Maturation and growth of grammar. In W. C. Ritchie and T. K. ), Handbook of Language Acquisition. Academic Press. Wexler, K. 2002. Lennenberg’s Dream: Learning, Normal Language Development and Specific Language Impairment. In J. Schaeffer and Y. ), Towards a Definition of Specific Language Impairment. Erlbaum. Wexler, K. 2003. Maximal Trouble. Talk given at Maryland Mayfest: Semantics and Acquisition. Wexler, K. 2004. Theory of phasal development: Perfection in child grammar.

Cues Don’t Explain Learning 33 Other examples could be constructed at will by anybody familiar with the developmental language acquisition literature. ” There is learning to be sure: parameter setting, learning of lexical properties, learning how to map phonetic forms of words to syntactic and semantic properties. But there is no reliable sense of “cue” in the external world that can be used to construct a theory along the lines of multiple-cue theory. Such a theory can make no predictions; it is in the position of Utility Theory in the social sciences, which allows one to always say that there must be some utility that is being maximized (yet no theory of utility is given).

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