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By Jonny Glynn

Clever, wry, and heavily twisted, Peter Crumb is a guy who suffers personalities, just one of that's in a position to regret. His lifestyles has been derailed via a unmarried, devastating act of violence, and now, in what he intends to be his final week on the earth, he's made up our minds to go away his mark upon humanity—randomly, unjustly, with endless cognizance to aspect. permitting the morning's newspaper headlines to loosely dictate his activities, Crumb units out on a weeklong descent into hell, made up our minds to tug as many as attainable into the darkness in addition to him. Gritty, staggering, and profoundly stressful, Jonny Glynn's The Seven Days of Peter Crumb is a rare debut that portrays the deterioration of a seriously splintered soul.

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It was a mercy blow, to put her out of her misery. Her skull split in two. Her skin was ripped and… her features deformed and broken and mutilated… I just stood there looking at her and thought, right, that’s that then… There you are … dead… You’re dead now, and that’s that. ’ Her eye sockets had filled with dark pools of blood. He reached forward and dipped the end of his finger into one of the pools, like an inkwell, and painted the Star of David in blood on a box of Double Deckers next to her.

I’m not doin nothin’ funny. I dunno who you are. I’m not going in up an alley – an inyway vair ain’t iny. ’ She pulled her skirt back down and continued on up the street. I followed. We turned into the Estate and crossed into an open stairwell. ’ she said. ’ We were standing in a refuse stairwell surrounded by eight-foot-high metal dustbins filled with the foulest stinking rotting filth imaginable. I was gagging, ready to vomit. There were rats casually dining. And for this you pay extra? ’ she leered, reaching towards me and groping my crotch.

The time is south by north-east. I have done a terrible thing, an awful evil thing, and yet I feel nothing. I have no conscience… I am a murderer. He snickers at this last remark and says that, come Friday, that will be the least of it. God, what if that’s true? He keeps replaying every gruesome moment of the Sudder Street scandal over and over in his mind. Not in a Dostoevsky way, all miserable and guilty, but more in a Channel Five Reality TV’s ‘100 most violent criminal acts ever caught on camera’ sort of way: in at number nineteen, a new entry – fresh CCTV footage of a man who’s clearly not happy with the service.

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