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By Cheryl A. Fury

Often, the heritage of English maritime adventures has excited by the good sea captains and swashbucklers. despite the fact that, during the last few many years, social historians have all started to ascertain the fewer recognized seafarers who have been at the risky voyages of trade, exploration, privateering and piracy, in addition to naval campaigns.
This ebook brings jointly a few of their findings. there is not any related paintings that offers such an summary of our wisdom of English seamen through the 16th and 17th centuries and the tumultuous international during which they lived.
Subjects coated contain alternate, piracy, other halves, widows and the broader maritime group, future health and medication at sea, faith and shipboard tradition, how Tudor and Stuart ships have been manned and provisioned, and what has been discovered from the $64000 destroy the Mary Rose.

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It was the French (and Scottish) war of 1512–1514 which stimulated Henry VIII into converting occasional ship service into a standing navy, and led to that development of dockyards and other infrastructure which had such a large impact – and which generated so much record evidence. It was the break with Rome over the king’s ‘Great Matter’ which raised the state of military preparedness between 1535 and 1540, put the navy on standby, and led to the construction of coastal defences at such places as Rye and Hurst Point.

Starting under Henry VIII, the navy became a major institution and spending department. It deployed thousands of shipwrights, labourers and seamen upon a regular basis, and the tensions generated by the reformation converted it into a major protector of national security, and mobilized the maritime community behind it in a manner which continued until very recent times. V. Scammell Cheryl A. V. Scammell’s publications are wide-ranging, his works on English shipowning, seamanship and seafarers are some of his most important – especially as they relate to this particular volume.

68 The Jacobean Commissions of Enquiry, 1608 and 1618, ed. P. McGowan, Navy Records Society (London, 1971). org/terms 24 David Loades who had benefited from the old system. It is true that the levels of corruption reached by 1608 would never have been tolerated in 1558, or 1508, but the remedy proved almost as bad as the disease. As we have seen the General Farm of the Customs also took effect in 1604. Elizabeth had favoured such a system for years, but Lord Burghley had opposed it and it never became general.

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