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By Laura Schlessinger

The 10 Commandments are the 1st direct communique among a humans and God. Designed to raise our lives above mere frantic, animal life to the elegant degrees humanity is able or experiencing, they're the blueprint of God's expectancies people and His plan for a significant, simply, loving, and holy existence. every one commandment asserts a precept, and every precept is an ethical point of interest for real-life concerns in relation to God, kinfolk, intercourse, paintings, charity, estate, speech, and idea. Written in collaboration with Rabbi Stewart Vogel, the 10 Commandments contains energetic dialogue of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian values derived from it. full of ardour, emotion, and profound insights, it's going to circulate, enlighten, encourage, entertain, and train you at the that means each one commandment has in our day-by-day lives this present day: i'm the Lord, your God, Who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, from the home of slavery. You shall now not realize the gods of others in My presence. You shall now not take the identify of the Lord., your God, in useless. be mindful the Sabbath day and sanctify it. Honor your Father and your mom. You shall now not homicide. You shall now not devote adultery. You shall now not thieve. You shall now not endure fake witness opposed to your fellow. You shall now not covet.

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The Ten Commandments are inscribed on two tablets, five on each. The first tablet contains laws regarding man's relationship with God, while the second refers to relationships among people. It is significant that the Fifth Commandment, which honors parents, is the transitional commandment. What God and parents share in is the creation and nurturance of life. According to Jewish tradition, when people honor their parents, God regards the behavior as honoring Him. Parents are their children's intro­ duction to godly love as well as authority.

Whether that voice emanates from Mount Sinai or from the cross, it is a call that beckons us, and it is a relationship that can provide strength and comfort in our own lives. In the Beginning… Does God care how we act? If so, what does it mean to God when we sin? If not, why does our behavior matter at all—if we can get away with it? When we violate one of the commandments, we disappoint God. We must see every act, both good and bad, as the one The First Commandment / 21 that tips the scales of judgment.

So what was the big difference between this “God” and all the other pagan gods other than “He won this round”? The difference is awe inspiring. This God was outside our prior experience of having a god contained by form and name. This God was a Uni­ versal God. This God said he fulfilled a covenantal promise to his people. This God said he had expectations of our moral, just, and compassionate behavior. This God was not manipulated by our desires or magical incantations but had a divine, eternal in­ tent that depended on our participation.

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