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By Andreas Glatz, Veniamin I. Kozub, Valerii M. Vinokur

The booklet displays medical advancements within the physics of metal compound dependent nanodevices awarded on the NATO-sponsored Workshop on nanophysics held in Russia in the summertime of 2003. this system tackles the main attractive difficulties. It brings jointly experts and offers a chance for younger researchers from the companion nations to have interaction with them and get actively interested by the main beautiful and promising interdisciplinary region of latest condensed topic physics.

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The term H interaction inside and between the grains. It has the following form 2 ˆc = e H 2 −1 n ˆ i Cij n ˆj , (6) ij where Cij is the capacitance matrix and n ˆ i is the operator of electron number in the i-th grain. In the regime under consideration one can neglect the coordinate dependence of a single grain diffusion propagator. The electron hopping between the grains can be included using the diagrammatic technique developed in Refs. [8, 4], which we outline below. The electron motion in a random impurity potential within a single grain can be considered using the standard diagrammatic techniques described, for example in Ref.

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