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By Eva Gabrielsson

This is the true inside of story—not the only concerning the Stieg Larsson phenomenon, yet relatively the affection tale of a guy and a lady whose lives got here to be guided by way of politics and love, espresso and activism, writing and friendship. just one individual on the earth is familiar with that tale good sufficient to inform it with authority. Her identify is Eva Gabrielsson.

Eva Gabrielsson and Stieg Larsson shared every thing, beginning after they have been either eighteen until eventually his premature dying thirty-two years later on the age of 50. In “There Are issues i need You to understand” approximately Stieg Larsson and Me, Eva Gabrielsson accepts the daunting problem of telling the tale in their shared existence steeped in love and sharpened within the fight for justice and human rights. She chooses to inform it in brief, spare, lyrical chapters, like snapshots, regaling Larsson’s readers with the interior account of the way he wrote, why he wrote, who the assets have been for Lisbeth and his different characters—graciously answering Stieg Larsson’s readers’ most pressing questions—and even as telling us the issues we didn’t comprehend we would have liked to know—about love and loss, dying, betrayal, and the mistreatment of ladies.

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The journalist, the feminist, the militant. The love of my life. When I lost him, a huge part of me was lost with him. THAT STIEG was born on August 15, 1954…. Early Days IN THE Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the novel that opens The Millennium Trilogy, Mikael Blomkvist discovers a photo taken during the Children’s Day Parade in Hedeby, the oldest neighborhood in the small town of Hedestad, on the day Harriet Vanger disappeared. Seeking information about that day to help him understand what might have frightened the teenager away, he hunts for the tourist couple who photographed the parade forty years earlier.

Which, given the stressful life he led, doubtless contributed to his premature death. After I met Stieg, in 1972, he returned only once to his childhood home, in the autumn of 1996. Norsjo and Bjursele are in Vasterbotten County, where my brother, sister, and I own about eighteen acres of woodlands that have been in our family for generations. In the 1990s, Stieg and I went up there twice to clear some brush. The second time, in 1996, we spent several days working hard among the snakes and biting flies, but it felt good to get out of our offices and do some manual labor.

In the second volume, Blomkvist again puts his faith in the printer who offers “the best price and service in the industry,” giving him Dag’s book on the sex-trafficking networks in Eastern Europe. And in the third volume, it’s Kobin again who prints the book exposing the Section, the secret organization of spies created during the Cold War. Expo continued to survive as best it could thanks to the very things that power the magazine Millennium: the enthusiasm of all sorts of people for a common project in which they strongly believe.

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