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Insights won from the examine of metaphorical language in different fields, really New testomony parable study, are right here utilized to the tree metaphors in Isaiah 1-39. the focal point of research is the content material of the metaphors , the intentions underlying their use, and the results of that use. the writer means that (1) the informative functionality of the tree metaphors is to supply theological interpretations of the political scenario; (2) the performative functionality of the metaphors is to have interaction the viewers in any such approach that they undertake the metaphors' interpretation of truth as their very own; (3) using metaphorical language encourages continuous reinterpretation of the unique proclamation. The tree within the backyard, the felling of timber, new development of felled timber and the wooded area fireplace, are one of the photos Isaiah makes use of to make his political statements. He exhibits himself to be a very efficient rhetorician in utilizing those photographs to instil an lively reaction in his viewers. The modes within which the metaphors could be reinterpreted and reapplied in new contexts are perceived as major not just for the composition of Isaiah, yet for that of next spiritual literature.

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Funk and Dan Otto Via for forgetting the specific historical features in the parables. But at the same time he stresses that Joachim Jeremias should also welcome the views that Via presents. 39 Finally, a brief reference must be made to Perrin's discussion of the relation between symbol and myth. Perrin points out in a 1975 article40 that the symbol 'The Kingdom of God' is dependent upon the myth of God the Creator, who constantly cares for his people. 41 In this brief presentation,42 I have tried to indicate some central attitudes of significance also beyond the study of the parables in the New Testament.

Both these factors contribute to a use of superlatives that cannot be transferred out-of-hand to the OT. It is of no use to expect every individual image, traditional or untraditional, to demand of the hearer the great existential choice. On the contrary, 42 There is Hope for a Tree I believe I can establish that the widespread use of imagery in Isaiah 1-39 is closely associated with Isaiah's prophetic intention. Hans Wildberger, in his discussion of the book of Isaiah's language and language form, describes Isaiah's prophetic intention as follows: '...

But that there can be no exhaustive representation of the image does not mean that nothing whatsoever can be derived from it. We can say of this information that it functions as a new design for understanding reality, and thereby for relating oneself to reality. In providing this design, the image helps to influence the hearer's attitude and (if it succeeds) his action. Imagery has therefore not only an informative but also a performative function. The two cannot be separated. Finally, it must be stressed that modified contexts can lead to modified interpretations.

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