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By Oliver Matuschek

"It will certainly be considered as the authoritative Stefan Zweig biography within the future."—Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungThis is the licensed biography of the world-famous Austrian author Stefan Zweig. It comprises this sort of own element conspicuously absent from Zweig's memoir the realm of the day prior to this, delivering us a glimpse into the personal international of this grasp of mental perception. Drawing on a wealth of resources held by way of the Zweig property, to which Oliver Matuschek had special entry, he recounts the eventful lifetime of a author spoilt via luck, which replaced course below the effect of latest occasions and ended tragically in a suicide pact together with his moment spouse Lotte. The identify 3 Lives refers back to the 3 significant levels in Zweig's life—his years of apprenticeship, his years of luck as a qualified "working author" in Salzburg, and at last his years of exile in Britain, the U.S., and Brazil.Oliver Matuschek studied politics and smooth heritage, has co-authored numerous documentaries, and has released quite a few works, such a lot lately i do know the Magic of Writing: Catalogue and historical past of the Autograph choice of Stefan Zweig (2005).

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Given the name Alfred, he promptly assumed the role of heir apparent—to stick with the dynastic metaphors—because it was already clearly understood that this boy, health permitting, would one day take over the running of the family business. A little over two years later, on 28th November 1881, in the family’s apartment at Schottenring 14 in the 1st District, a second child was born. It was another boy, and he would be called Stefan. A matter of days after he was born there was a major incident in Vienna that sent a shockwave of horror through the city.

4 The fact that the family was Jewish was neither denied nor particularly emphasised. Stefan’s birth had been registered under the serial number 1968 for the year 1881 by the Jewish religious community, but so far no documents have come to light that would enable us to determine what role, if any, the Zweigs played in the life of the Jewish community. And the testimony of family members gives us hardly anything to go on here. The family no doubt attended the synagogue for the main Jewish feast days and festivals but at home in December neither the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, nor the Christian Christmas was celebrated.

Of this same teacher Zweig, on the other hand, says in typically over-egged fashion that he was a “decent enough old chap”,2 but he had never even heard of Nietzsche or Strindberg, whose works the boys read in secret behind their desks. ”3 The teacher in question, Karl Penka—or Penka Karl, as he called himself—had written a number of academically respected works with titles such as Die alten Völker Nord- und Osteuropas und die Anfänge der europäischen Metallurgie [The Ancient Peoples of Northern and Eastern Europe and the Beginnings of European Metallurgy] and Origines Ariacae.

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