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1 The Variations in the System Matrices Due to Forward Perturbation (j,k) K(pn = L) K(pn = L+ΔL) ΔK E M (pn = L) M (pn = L + ΔL) ΔM DttE N (pn = L) N (pn = L + ΔL) ΔN DtE (j + 1,k) (j – 1,k) (j,k + 1) (j,k – 1) hy 2 hy 2 0 E≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 hy 2 hy 2 0 E≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 hz 2 hz 2 0 E≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 hz 2 hz 2 0 E≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 0 0 0 ≠0 –2(hy 2 + hz 2) –2(hy 2 + hz 2) 0 E≠0 −μr εr1 (Δh/cΔt)2 −μr εr2 (Δh/cΔt)2 −μr Δεr (Δh/cΔt)2 ≠0 −μr μo σ1 Δh2/Δt −μr μo σ2 Δh2/Δt −μr μo Δσ (Δh2/Δt) ≠0 ∆ +pn R j , k = ∆ pn R j , k = −μr Δεr (Δh/cΔt)2Dtt E(j,k) – μr μo Δσ (Δh2/Δt) Dt E(j,k), Δεr = εr2 − εr1 and Δσ = σ2 – σ1 Source: M.

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