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Uniform areas play a similar position for uniform continuity as topological areas for continuity. the speculation used to be created in 1936 by way of A. Weil, whose unique axiomatization was once quickly through these of Bourbaki and Tukey; during this booklet use is made mainly of Tukey's method, in line with uniform coverings. The association of the ebook as an entire is dependent upon the Eilenberg-MacLane notions of type, functor and naturality, within the spirit of Klein's Erlanger application yet with better succeed in. The preface provides a concise historical past of the topic considering the fact that 1936 and a foreword outlines the class conception of Eilenberg and MacLane. The chapters hide primary thoughts and structures; functionality areas; mappings into polyhedra; measurement (1) and (2); compactifications and in the community nice areas. many of the chapters are via routines, occasional unsolved difficulties, and an important unsolved challenge; the well-known striking challenge of characterizing the Euclidean airplane is mentioned in an appendix. there's a sturdy index and a copious bibliography meant to not itemize resources yet to steer extra interpreting.

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C) If X is not locally compact, it has no coarsest compatible uniformity. 11. UNIQUE UNIFORMITY. (a) If there is an unbounded continuous real valued function on a topological space X, there is a continuous function / such that neither /"*(()) nor / _ 1 (1) is compact. 34 FUNDAMENTAL CONSTRUCTIONS (b) A topological space admitting a compatible uniformity which is not precompact has unbounded continuous real-valued functions. (c) A uniformizable space X has a unique compatible uniformity if and only if the Stone-Cech compactification pX contains at most one point not in X.

46. A stable filter in a uniform space X is precisely a proper filter ^ in X such that for every uniform covering %, there is A (E^such that for every BEJ^f St(B, &)DA. PROOF. By definition of a stable filter ^"finally St(B,^)DA; that is, every F E ^ has a subset B satisfying this condition, which implies St(F, ^ O A. ~, St(B, &)DA. Since St (A, ^)DADB, all subsets of A in & are within °k of A. Clearly, this makes \Fa \ Cauchy and & stable. 47. The hyperspace H{X) is complete if and only if every stable filter in X is hyperconvergent.

11. COROLLARY. If two complete uniform spaces have isomorphic dense subspaces they are isomorphic. A completion of a uniform space X is defined as a complete space which contains X as a dense subspace. The corollary shows that completions are unique in the same sense that sums and products are. The existence of a completion can be proved by a direct construction, but the argument can be simplified by using some facts about complete metric spaces; also, we can get extra information. Consider the chain of propositions: 12.

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