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By Philip Bourne, Richard Holstein, Joseph McMullen

UNIX for OpenVMS clients, moment version, is for clients who're making the transition from OpenVMS to UNIX and offers a finished comparability of instructions and utilities. ranging from a operating wisdom of OpenVMS, it takes a normal consumer to a similar wisdom of UNIX. It bridges the space among OpenVMS and UNIX via explaining issues in OpenVMS terms.The ebook starts off with an academic discussing the thoughts wanted whilst operating with UNIX and the typical shell courses. operating into sensible examples, the ebook exhibits easy day-by-day initiatives that map one-for-one from OpenVMS to UNIX. those comprise approach entry, dossier manipulation, textual content enhancing and mail. The examples supply instructions which are as an identical as attainable, and indicate refined differences.Recent releases of OpenVMS and UNIX have extra interfaces which are the exact same among the working structures, fairly POSIX and CDE. UNIX for OpenVMS clients, describes those interfaces in brief, more often than not to reassure clients how effortless it may be to change among the working structures.

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In UNIX, on the other hand, each user has the same limited set of privileges with the exception of the superuser (login name root). The superuser possesses all privileges, including access to all files on the system, irrespective of their assigned protection. The on-screen messages that appear when a user logs in successfully depend on the host computer, but will likely include features familiar to OpenVMS users, such as the current time and the time when the user last logged in. hushlogin file is present in the user's home directory, these messages will not appear.

Matches any single character % $ $ Argument substitution follows ' or & $# $# Argument count (C shell requires a variable name immediately following) $$ $$ Process ID F$GETJPI("","PID") $? $status Exit status $STATUS [†] $< Read one line from standard input INQUIRE [†] @ Perform numerical calculation[‡] ~ ~ Home directory substitution [] [] Selective filename substitution () () Groups commands to run as a separate process in a subshell . Current directory [] .. Next directory higher in hierarchy [-] {} Filename expansion delimiters [†]Performed with a command, not metacharacters.

Dot) file literally, providing a word count of the pointer file itself. In fact, neither ls nor wc actually sees an unquoted wildcard character when it processes a command. The Bourne, Korn, and C shells all perform regular expression expansion. In its simplest form, regular expression expansion allows OpenVMS users to use wildcards in UNIX in a familiar way. com has no meaning as a file extension. ) as a wildcard for single-character replacement. 5 discuss regular expressions in the context of two string manipulation commands, sed and awk.

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