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By Ellie Quigley

The world’s no 1 shell programming book—now totally up-to-date for Linux and more!

UNIX Shells through Example is the world’s number one shell programming e-book, from the world’s number 1 shell programming teacher: Ellie Quigley. In UNIX Shells by means of instance, Fourth Edition, Quigley has completely up-to-date her vintage and provides the knowledge today’s shell programmers desire most—including accomplished assurance of Linux shell programming with bash!

Drawing on twenty years’ adventure as a shell programming teacher, Quigley courses you thru each part of programming all best UNIX/Linux shells: bourne, bash, korn, C, and tcsh. Quigley illuminates each one thought with up to date, classroom-tested code examples designed that can assist you jump-start your individual tasks. She additionally systematically introduces awk, sed, and grep for either UNIX and GNU/Linux . . . making this the single shell programming booklet you’ll ever need!

New during this edition:

  • Comprehensive assurance of Linux shell programming with bash
  • Shell Programming QuickStart: makes first-time shell programmers effective in simply 15 pages
  • Complete, sensible debugging bankruptcy
  • Updated assurance of the most recent UNIX and GNU/Linux types of awk, sed, and grep
  • Shell programming for sysadmins: walks you thru key UNIX and Linux procedure shell scripts

Completely up-to-date:

  • Shell programming basics: what shells are, what they do, how they paintings
  • Choosing definitely the right shell for any program

Nearly 50,000 UNIX/Linux sysadmins, builders, and gear clients have used prior variations of UNIX Shells via Example to turn into specialist shell programmers. With UNIX Shells by means of instance, Fourth Edition, you could, too—even if you’re thoroughly new to shell programming. Then, as soon as you’re knowledgeable, you’ll flip to this e-book continually because the most sensible resource for trustworthy solutions, suggestions, and code.

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Comprehensive shell programming code library: all resource code and information documents for this book’s hundreds of thousands of instance programs.

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If you are using UNIX, the GUI may be GDE, KDE, or OpenWindows. Once started, you will have a virtual desktop consisting of a number of smaller windows, including a console and a number of terminals, each displaying a shell prompt. Multiple processes are running and monitored by the Linux/UNIX kernel, allocating each of the processes a little slice of the CPU in a way that is unnoticeable to the user. 1 What Processes Are Running? The ps Comrnand. The ps command with its many options displays a list of the pro- cesses currently running in a number of formats.

L $ cat /etc/shell /bin/bash /bin/sh /bin/ash /bin/bsh /bin/tcsh /bin/csh /bin/ksh /bin/zsh EXPLANATION The /etc/shell (Linux) file contains a list of all shell programs available on your version of Linux. The most popular versions are bash (Bourne Again shell), tcsh (TC shell), and ksh (Korn shell). What Is POSIX? In order to provide software standards for different operating sys- tems and their programs, the POSIX standard (also referred to as the Open Systems Standards) evolved, consisting of participants from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

1 Ownership and Permissions When you log on, the shell is given an identity. It has a real user identification (UID), one or more real group identifications (GID), and an effective user identification and effective group identification (EU1D and EGID). The EUID and EGID are initially the same as the real UID and GID. These ID numbers are found in the etc/passwd file and are used by the system to identify users and groups. The EUID and EGID determine what permissions a process has access to when reading, writing, or executing files.

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