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This name tells the tale of the Valiant-the shortest lived of the British post-war V-bomber strength, first flying in 1951 and with creation of 104 airplane finishing in 1957, and an legit withdrawal in January 1965 after research had proven that the most wing spars have been struggling with steel fatigue. It operated in 4 models, bomber/photo-reconnaissance, flight refueling tanker and version masking all 3 initiatives.

Additionally, a number of plane have been changed for a number of detailed roles. The all-black B.2 low-level pathfinder bomber was once flown as a prototype in 1953. Valiants participated in British atomic bomb assessments and made noteworthy long-distance flights. In a metamorphosis of job almost immediately prior to retirement, the airplane have been painted in a camouflage scheme larger suited for their new low-level penetration function.

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