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Upalambha-pratyayas tatra ghata eva. tatah anyani anantara-pratyayadini. tesam sakalyam upalambhapratyayantara-sakalyam. sakalya-sabdena samavesa ucyate. svabhavas ca visesas ca iti svabhava-visesah. taddvayam upalabdhi-laksana-prapti-sabdena ucyate iti. //ll// nanu kah ayam svabhava-visesa iti akankhayam aha— satsu api anyesu upalambha-pratyayesu yah svabhavah san pratyaksa eva bhavati. II1211 yas ca bhavah san caksuradi-sannidhane viprakarsa-prakaratrayena aviprakrstah sakyadarsanah sa eva atra svabhava-visesa ucyate.

Agnitapah sita-nivarakah. sitanivrttau romaharsadi-visesah katham api na syuh. //38// 2. Svarthanumana karana-viruddha-karyopa/abdhir yatha na romaharsadi-visesa-yukta-purusavanayam pradeso dhumad iti. 1139/1 29 ' - karanaviruddha-karyopalabdhir iti. karanena viruddham karana-viruddham. tasya karyam karanaviruddha-karyam. tasya upalabdhih karanaviruddha-karyopalabdhih. drstantam aha yatha na roamaharsadivisesa-yukta-purusavarrayampradeso dhumad iti. ayam pradesa iti anena dharml uktah. dhumad iti anena hetur uktah.

115// 2. p. 10 f : =bsnan-pa-smos-pas. 3. p. 4 : =yid-ches-par-bya-bar. V. 3 • 18 Nyayabindu-tika atra iti hetu-laksane. jijnasitah pratyetum istah. visesa iti vilaksanah [dharmah]. jijnasito viseso yasmin sa jijnasitavisesah. dharmah santi yasmin sa dharml. tena yasya dharminah kascid visesah pratyetum istah sah anumeya iti arthah. sa ca hetu-laksanavasare eva bodhya iti uktam bhavati. anyatra tu dharmavisista-dharmi anumeya iti. // 5 // kas tavat sapaksa iti asamkayam aha— sadhyadharma-samanyena sapaksah.

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