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By M. Frenkel, K.N. Marsh, J.H. Dymond, R.C. Wilhoit, K.C. Wong

This severe compilation of virial coefficients of natural gases was once ready from the virial coefficient database on the Thermodynamics examine heart, previously at Texas A&M collage, university Station, Texas and now situated on the nationwide Institute of criteria and expertise, Boulder, Colorado. The virial coefficient facts during this compilation might be of curiosity to the theoretical chemist because it comprises the various units of actual fuel imperfection info which were decided over the last two decades by means of more advantageous equipment of fuel density choice, by means of isochoric Burnett coupling tools and from velocity of sound measurements, in addition to via the extra conventional strategies. the desires of the economic chemist are met via those extra trustworthy info and likewise the elevated variety of compounds for which information at the moment are to be had.

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1 _________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ _________ Water [7732-18-5] ______________________________________ H2O _____________________________________ Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 02 26 Table 1. 6932 ⋅ 1010/(T/K)3 (B ± 2σest)/cm3 · mol-1 -544 ± 40 -494 ± 30 -450 ± 30 -377 ± 20 -319 ± 15 T/K 350 360 370 390 410 T/K 440 470 510 550 600 (B ± 2σest)/cm3 · mol-1 -254 ± 15 -207 ± 10 -161 ± 10 -129 ± 5 -101 ± 2 T/K 650 710 770 (B ± 2σest)/cm3 · mol-1 -81 ± 2 -64 ± 1 -50 ± 1 Table 2.

Symbol Bexp - Bcalc T Bexp ± δB T Bexp ± δB K cm3 · mol-1 cm3 · mol-1 in Fig. 5 ________ ______________________________________ Landolt-Börnstein New Series IV/21A _____________________________________ _________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 1) 88-hae/ker1) 88-hae/ker1) 88-hae/ker1) 88-hae/ker1) 74-bel/rei1) 69-mea/ros(×) 55-cle/row(„) 69-mea/ros(×) 53-ham/mcm-11) 76-san/uri-11) 72-sig/sil({) 74-hah/sch1) 69-mea/ros(×) 91-bou/moo1) 53-ham/mcm-11) 76-san/uri-11) 85-mol1) 88-hae/ker1) 88-hae/ker1) 74-bel/rei1) 92-gil/kle(…) 55-cle/row(„) 69-mea/ros(×) cont.

The curves above and below the zero line indicate the calculated error region of the recommended values given in Table 1. The error bars represent the experimental errors. ) Table 2. 1 ______________________________________ _____________________________________ Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 2 ______________________________________ _____________________________________ Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 1) 89-kel/mcl(…) 89-kel/mcl(…) 97-hen/bic1) 97-hen/bic1) 88-eub/jof({) 89-kel/mcl(…) 89-kel/mcl(…) 97-hen/bic1) 88-eub/jof({) 89-kel/mcl(…) 89-kel/mcl(…) 88-eub/jof({) 89-kel/mcl(…) 89-kel/mcl(…) 89-kel/mcl(…) 88-eub/jof({) 89-kel/mcl(…) cont.

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