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Tony Sharpe explores the symbiotic and hostile kinfolk among Stevens's literary existence and his operating existence as coverage government, outlining the non-public, old and publishing contexts that formed his writing occupation, and suggesting how information of those contexts throws new mild at the poems. during this appreciative yet now not uncritical learn, Sharpe attempts to determine the fellow at the back of the mandarin, while final alert to the challengingly luxurious austerities of 1 of America's most vital poets.

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What I feel most moved to write, that is damned, - it will not pay. Yet, altogether, write the other way I cannot. ' If the Fireside poets and their best-selling female counterparts migh t have exemplified for Stevens the wrong kinds of artistic compromise wi th tht' markt'tplace, the fate of Melville - working as a lowly official in the New York docks for 20 years, his books forgotten - could, had he known of it, have functioned as a di re portent of the petty struggle fo r existence that might dominate the life of a writer too neglectful of p ublishing's commercial realities.

His situation as something of an outsider at Harvard, together with what he defined as the 'combination, not easily unified' in his own person, of elements Stllrtillg with Nothillg 29 derived from his birth and early childhood in Spain, and from the Cambri d ge where he had COIne to s tud y and then teach, offered parallels to the s itu ation of his undergraduate visitor. Certain ly, the position he adopted on the role of the poet and the use of his powers was remarkably predictive of what would be Stevens's views of the matter: in 'Understanding, Im agination, and Mysticism', the first essay in hltapretaliolls of Poetry and I~eligioll, he asserted that 'i f the imagination merely alienates us from reality, without giving us either a model for its correction or a glimpse into its s tructure, it becomes the refuge of poetical sclfishness·.

These uncertainties were both specific and general. ]" Young fellows must all come to that question ... ' SP 71), and who had as consistently block ed a n y proposals Stevens made that Carrett should finance his literary w(lliderjalJr (see, for the clearest example, the journal entries for 11 and 12 March 1901). Stevens had gone up to Harvard in order to become a poet, but he left still unconfirmed in his literary voca tion, to become first a journalist and then a lawyer - each at his father's prompting.

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