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By Spencer C. Tucker

A thorough learn of important wars all through heritage and their impact on international affairs―from the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmore III's Campaigns in the course of 479–459 BCE in the course of the Iraq warfare of 2003–2011.

• beneficial properties Illustrations, maps, and images to visually interact readers

• Discusses the importance of significant conflicts and their huge ancient results

• deals the latest interpretations as to the motives and results of every struggle covered

• presents an inventory of books for added examining to extend studying opportunities

• unearths the that means of the time period "tech-tac disjoint" and explains its relevance to to fashionable use of technology-enabled weaponry

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The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa: With E. D. Swinton's ''The Defence of Duffer's Drift''

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Largely untrained troops held the Persian left and right, and Darius placed archers to their fronts to buttress them. In the center of the Persian line were the 2,000 Royal Bodyguards, the elite force in the army. Darius was with them in a great ornamental chariot. As many as 30,000 Greek mercenaries were on either side of the bodyguards, while Persian cavalry anchored the far right flank on the Gulf of Issus. If the Persians could but hold, Alexander’s days would be numbered. Alexander arrived before the Persian line in late afternoon.

Desperate hand-to-hand fighting ensued, pitting the Macedonian infantrymen against equally tough Greek mercenaries. Alexander, meanwhile, rolled up the Persian left. Alexander then shifted his cavalry to strike the rear of the Greek mercenaries and the Royal Bodyguards in an effort to kill or capture Darius. Alexander was wounded in the thigh during the fighting, some accounts say by Darius himself. But the horses on Darius’s chariot were wounded and suddenly reared and bolted. Darius managed to control them but, in danger of capture, shifted to another smaller chariot and fled the field.

Landing in northern Sicily, the Peloponnesian Wars (460–404 BCE) | 21 Spartan expeditionary force under Gylippus then marched to Syracuse, Nicias failing to contest it en route. Gylippus’s men then strengthened the defenses of Syracuse and in the spring of 413 won a stunning victory over the Athenian Navy, capturing its base. Also, on the advice of Alcibiades, that same year Sparta had sent a land force to Attica and there established a permanent fortification at Decelea. This Spartan land presence not only prevented Athenians from farming the land of Attica year-round but also forced them to rely entirely on the sea for supplies at great expense.

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