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By Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Subcommittee on Military Weight Management

The fundamental objective of health and physique composition criteria within the U.S. militia has consistently been to pick members most suitable to the actual calls for of army provider, in response to the belief that right bodyweight and composition helps stable well-being, actual health, and acceptable army appearance.

The present epidemic of obese and weight problems within the usa impacts the army providers. The pool of accessible recruits is diminished as a result of failure to fulfill physique composition criteria for access into the providers and a excessive percent of people exceeding army weight-for-height criteria on the time of access into the carrier depart the army ahead of finishing their time period of enlistment.

To reduction in constructing options for prevention and remediation of obese in army group of workers, the U.S. military scientific examine and Materiel Command asked the Committee on army foodstuff examine to check the clinical facts for: elements that effect bodyweight, optimum parts of a weightloss and weight upkeep application, and the position of gender, age, and ethnicity in weight management.

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The major comorbidities associated with obesity are shown in Box 1-1. , 1999). , 1999). Obesity is also associated with increased mortality rates. In one study by Allison and colleagues (1999), obesity-related mortality was estimated from data collected in five prospective cohort studies. The estimated number of annual deaths in the United States attributable to obesity ranged from 280,000 to BACKGROUND AND CONTEXT 19 BOX 1-1 Consequences of Adult Obesity Psychosocial consequences Low self-esteem Disordered eating behavior Discrimination Medical consequences Cancer Diabetes mellitus Gall bladder disease Gastro-esophogeal reflux disease Heart disease Hyperlipidemia Hypertension Osteoarthritis Polycystic ovary disease Pseudotumor cerebri Sleep apnea Urinary incontinence Increased maternal and fetal complications during pregnancy and postpartum Early mortality 325,000, depending on whether the analysis controlled for smoking rates.

S. 0 NOTE: Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Department of Defense (DOD) standards are the same as their accession standards. Army BMI was calculated from age group 28–39 y weight-for-height retention standards. the time the study was conducted. Their analysis indicated that 13 to 18 percent of men and 17 to 43 percent of women in this age range exceeded the military standards. The authors concluded that these data indicated a need for the military to reassess their standards. Perhaps a more appropriate conclusion (particularly for long-term health) would be to highlight the need for weight-gain prevention strategies targeted towards adolescents, particularly minority women.

8. 2 (Air Force) (GAO, 1998). 5 and a lower limit BMI of 25, and it specifies that no service shall set more stringent screening weights than those corresponding to a BMI of 25. 2 for men. Prospective recruits who exceed the accession weight limit for their height must undergo a body-fat assessment. The maximum allowable percentage of body fat for women on entry into the service ranges from 26 percent to 34 percent, depending on the service and for the Army, age. S. S. Navy, 2002; USMC, 2002) (see Table 2-3).

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