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When Quentin accidentally drops the knife, it is lost for a moment under them. The physical world reasserts itself, and the bodiless, ephemeral self, yearning for non-existence, disappears. 4 Caddy asks what time it is, the moment of quasi-solipsistic isolation has passed. The two are in the world where people just go on, just endure. Here a knife is just a knife, not a symbolic anything, and Quentin’s unilateral suicide pact is a shabby, pseudo-romantic denial of passion, a cowardly refusal to hear what the blood in Caddy’s throat is saying, a hopelessly shallow reading of human life, and a refusal to engage with it.

He had found his medium. The second example features Horace. At one point he lies in his bed, and we are told ‘that wild, fantastic futility of his voyaged in lonely regions of its own beyond the moon, about meadows nailed with firmamented stars to the ultimate roof of things, where unicorns filled the neighing air with galloping, or grazed or lay supine in goldenhoofed repose’ (683). Faulkner’s heroes have problems with their relationships, not so much because they are passionately attracted to the wrong person, but because their fantasies are such full-time preoccupations.

He could not feel it at all. It was as though vision were a bodiless eye suspended in dark blue space, an Eye without Thought, regarding without surprise an antic world where wanton stars galloped neighing like unicorns in blue meadows. . After a while, the Eye, having nothing in or by which to close itself, ceased to see, and he waked. (188) This is a strange passage. If Emerson’s ‘transparent eyeball’17 is being alluded to, then it obviously recapitulates the theme of transcending Early Faulkner 25 the natural world and crossing boundaries generally, which helps explain those ubiquitous unicorns, denizens of an order of being that the speaker aspires to.

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