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It tells me that I have a right to an education and that it is my duty to seek out knowledge, regardless of whether I am single or married. Nowhere in the framework of Islam are we told that women must wash, clean or cook for men. As for how Muslim men are allowed to beat their wives—it’s simply not true. Critics of Islam will quote random Koranic verses or hadith [oral traditions], but usually out of context. ” It is not just Muslim men who must reevaluate the place and treatment of women. According to a recent National Domestic Violence Hotline survey, 4 million American women experience a serious assault by a partner during an average 12-month period.

Viewpoint 1 “Islamic scholars— from the United States to Yemen— . . ” Islam Respects Women’s Rights Jill Carroll Jill Carroll describes the work of Wazhma Frogh, an Afghan woman, in the following viewpoint. Frogh uses religious arguments based on the Koran to show that the Koran does not support the ill treatment of women. Rather, she claims the Koran grants rights to women, and these should be the basis of reform in Muslim nations like Afghanistan. Frogh believes that only religious arguments matter to the people of Afghanistan, so arguments for women’s rights are best framed in that context.

When her wealthy family fled upheaval in Afghanistan in the 1990s for Pakistan, her father, a rigid former Army officer, had a hard time supporting the family. Frogh, then in eighth grade, thought of a way to help. She offered her landlord’s children tutoring in exchange for cheaper rent. “It made a difference in the way my father perceived me,” Frogh says. ” He even began to consult her on family decisions. “Because I was able to have that status in the family, it got me thinking. I could be a lawyer and help other people,” she recalls.

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