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By Stephen Prickett

Prickett charts the schism, opened on the finish of the oighteenth century, among biblical hermeneutics and literary feedback. This cut up has profound implications for either modern biblical translation and literary idea. the writer investigates the severe ordinary that non secular language is largely poetic, and lines the improvement of that view within the writings of Dennis and Vico, Herder and Eichhorn, Ccoleridge and Arnold, Wordsworth and Hopkins, and Austin Farrer and Paul Ricouer. this idea keeps to supply a terminology for discussing narrative which may not be interpreted actually or allegorically, yet has additionally led a few critics to plot insufficient translation theories and conceptions of metaphor.

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Though this may be the case, it is nevertheless observable that the 'answers' so produced tend to be curiously tangential to the original 'questions' - as if the problems never quite permit themselves to be resolved into the terms implied by the suggested solutions. One is left with that uneasy feeling sometimes encountered when an apparently impressive argument has left some vital factor out of account, or contains a nagging contradiction that temporarily eludes analysis, but would be obvious if once pointed out.

A writer may well write, as we say, 'better than he knew'. 71 Are Gulliver's Travels merely an effective piece of early eighteenth-century political satire (as they were presumably 'intended') or are they universal literature? A writer may well intend one thing, and, by common consent, achieve quite another. In short, the notion of intention, whether conscious (as assumed by Caird) or unconscious (as supposed by Nineham) looks suspiciously like an internal displacement of our old friend the unmediated 'historical fact'.

73 The principle assumes the possibility of knowledge of 'things-in-themselves' which, like Northrop Frye's playing-card facts, will 'speak for themselves' once they have been laid bare by the march of scholarship. " In 1668 John Wilkins, then Dean of Ripon and a Fellow of the Royal Society, as a 'digression' in his Essay Totoards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language offers an exact reconstruction of Noah's Ark from the information and dimensions given in Genesis vHriii, showing that it was seaworthy and would hold all the animals then known and later discovered plus precisely the right amount of foodstuffs - including an appropriate surplus of sheep (1888 all told) to feed all the carnivores for the forty day voyage.

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