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There's a difference of opinion as to what is worth doing well, ill, or not at all. If it were clear what was worth doing well and what wasn't, managing our time would be a snap. We can all benefit when we start doing something by taking a pause and asking ourselves "Is this worth doing? Worth doing now? " Page 68 Work expands to fill the time allotted. C. Northcote Parkinson Page 69 Parkinson's Law still holds. If a boss thinks that a task will take an employee an hour, then it will consume 60 minutes even though it could be done in 15.

For those of us nurturing a home-based business, home affords the luxury of stretching every dollar to its maximum. We have no rent to pay, we can get away without spending extra for a business phone line, and we don't have to dish out that much more for utilities. An astonishing 45 percent of the companies in the 1996 Inc. 500 list were started in their founder's residence, spending an average of 13 money-saving months at home. And few among us needs a wardrobe budget comparable to that of our corporate comrades.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, entertaining at home has become very chic; added benefits for business meetings at home are that there are no interruptions and they can be tax deductible. Just make sure that either your culinary skills are rated A+ or you know the best caterer in town. Hold on to all your receipts. You could also start or join a group. We, along with several other writers, have our Scriveners' Luncheons every two or three months. We enjoy seeing one another in person (e-mail goes only so far in keeping us in touch), and sometimes we even talk about our work.

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