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By Jean-Claude Zambrini

In 2003 the Xiv overseas Congress on Mathematical Physics (Icmp) was once held in Lisbon with greater than 500 contributors. Twelve plenary talks got in quite a few fields of Mathematical Physics: E Carlen «On the relation among the grasp equation and the Boltzmann Equation in Kinetic concept» A Chenciner «Symmetries and “simple” ideas of the classical n-body challenge» M J Esteban «Relativistic versions in atomic and molecular physics» ok Fredenhagen «Locally covariant quantum box conception» okay Gawedzki «Simple versions of turbulent delivery» I Krichever «Algebraic as opposed to Liouville integrability of the soliton platforms» R V Moody «Long-range order and diffraction in mathematical quasicrystals» S Smirnov «Critical percolation and conformal invariance» J P Solovej «The strength of charged topic» V Schomerus «Strings throughout the microscope» C Villani «Entropy creation and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation» D Voiculescu «Aspects of loose probability». The e-book collects to boot rigorously chosen invited consultation Talks in: Dynamical platforms, Integrable structures and Random Matrix concept, Condensed topic Physics, Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Quantum box conception, Operator Algebras and Quantum info, String and M thought, Fluid Dynamics and Nonlinear Pde, common Relativity, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Spectral thought, course Integrals and Stochastic research.

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Then for n large enough, ip^ is in //"1(M3, C 4 ) and there exists a solution of the HartreeFock equations, $ = (+oo ^ = ( % ) ^Z^ Xfc and 1c z,o n ( ^ ("•v)v>2 £HF(*). 1 are shown to converge towards ground state solutions of the HartreeFock problem when c goes to +oo. This gives a "particular" status to that solution of the Dirac-Fock equations. It does not minimize the Dirac-Fock energy among all functions in the set £, since infs £c = — oo, but when taking the nonrelativistic limit, they approach those solutions of the Hartree-Fock equations which minimize the corresponding Hartree-Fock energy.

2. N e w "simple" solutions: arbitrary masses I discuss two classes: in the first one, purely spatial, the homographic solutions — necessarily planar — are excluded because their action has a non positive Hessian, which forbids them to be even a local minimizer; in the second one, planar, they are excluded by the combination of symmetry constraints and a homotopy constraint. 1. Generalized HipHops: the simplest non planar solutions It follows immediately from Marchal's theorem that a minimizer of the action among loops of configurations with the Italian symmetry is collision-free.

I f X. < HJH*M/ buHWrl) S ScKOtl HiP- Hop fakeouj ctoUfffe 8-.. a* %\. «r 5 bJ****b&6 t s4 U ^ P ^ l u i * -i i. if 3 -^ 3 * (*>*M-vtf Q^)i-^/j) £7 6 —> J« y« K * Figure 2. The basic examples: two transparencies from the lecture. No Symmetries and "simple" solutions of the classical n-body problem 15 6. 1. Action minimizing properties of planar homographic solutions 1) The existence of the planar subproblem may be seen, via the unicity of solutions of differential equations, as a consequence of the invariance of the equations under reflexion through a plane.

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