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By Carl Pletsch

A examine of the lifetime of thinker Friedrich Nietzsche argues that geniuses are made, now not born, discussing the paintings of a guy who aimed toward genius, soaking up the paintings of mentors and marshaling his creativity for his challenge.

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In her biography of him she wrote, My brother so frequently made it clear that he considered himself my Erzieher that I must make note of it. He gave me the books which I might read, oversaw my schoolwork, and was very concerned about the development (Bildung) of my mind (Geist) and character. And he showed so much natural tact that I still smile at the thought of how rightly he sensed what was appropriate for a little girl . I 7 Without a Father 41 If her later character is any indication, however, his influence was not salutary.

The [funeral] celebration began with full ringing of the church bells. Oh, never will I get the sad sound of the bells out of my ears. . 28 The vague description of Ludwig Nietzsche's illness and the use of the term gemiithskrank in this and other accounts have given rise to the thought that Friedrich might have inherited a tendency to mental illness from his father. 29 Such thoughts are curiously related to the genealogical explanations of his intelligence. The two ideas have even lent credence to each other, for it is commonly believed that genius is next to madness.

She was usually able to observe her earnest new fam­ ily with a sense of humor quite foreign to them, as in the record she made in her diary of her husband's sudden enthusiasm for patent medicine. He wanted to cure the family even when they were not sick, she thought; she would not submit to his cure, for she was sure The Birth of a Genius? 23 that she could cure herself quicker with water in the event that she really fell ill. Perhaps her own family background gave her strength to maintain her sense of self in spite of a rigorous outward adapta'1 tion to her new laml y.

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